Brian the Crocodile

Brian the Crocodile from Crash's adventures and Matau's Adventures

Brian the Crocodile is a toon/animatronic crocodile from Crash's Adventure Series. Like his brother Tick-Tock, Brian has been chasing Megatron ever since Ryan fed Brian Megatron's old hand. He swallowed an Oswald alarm clock, alerting Megatron of his presence if he is approaching.


Brian is created by Ryan after Tick-Tock hatched from his egg. Optimus (from Transformers: Prime) and Ryan uses Tick-Tock's DNA and Ryan's DNA to a machine the process his birth and then Brian came to being. After Dark Energon was brought to Earth by Megatron, Brian must join the Autobots to stop Megatron's plan to raise an army of Terrorcons. When a Vehicon throws an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit alarm clock he ate it and his eyes start to bop up and down to the ticking. The Vehicon runs off to warn Megatron. Brian thinks Megatron is a chicken. When Ryan sends Matau to find Brian. He notice Brian has got an alarm clock in him. He tries to remove it but fails. Later, Brian thought he could use this clock to his advantage. But Ryan think Brian could use this ability to warn Megatron. Optimus thought that if he misused the clock as an thing he eat, then he has what Tick-Tock has in common.



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