Here's how Brian and General Skull face off in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we then sideswipe to Brian riding on a Dewback and he finds Skull's hideout]

[we then go into the hideout]

General Skull: It won't be long till the Republic arrives. I'm sending you all to Coruscant.

[as he talks, Brian rides into the hideout on the Dewback]

General Skull: You'll be hiding in the old hideout of Darth Sidious. You'll be safe there.

Trixie: How can you be so sure? Prince Barret managed to escape your grasp, General!

Katty Katswell: Plus, without Nightmare Moon and King Sombra, I have doubts of your ability to keep us safe.

[as they talk, Brian's Dewback walks on the walkway above them, as Brian hops off and looks down at the group]

General Skull: If that is so. Then we wouldn't it be a doubt that they'll come after you. Your ship is wating.

[They leave as Skull turns to the Sailor Scouts (who are restrained to rising tables)]

Sailor Mars/Raye: What are you gonna do to us?

General Skull: We might feed you, to the Sarlacc Pit.

Sailor Moon/Serena: Oh! That's not so bad.

Sailor Mercury/Amy: Actually, it is. Because once someone encounters the Sarlacc they're slowly digusted for over a thousand years!

General Skull: And that's the idea! [chuckles evilly]

Brian: [whispers] He's more evil than I thought.

[Brian then removes his hood and then leaps down from the walkway and lands behind General Skull]

Brian: How's it going?

[the Magna Droids then turn around and turn on their electro-staffs and General Skull himself turns around]

Sailor Moon/Serena: Brian!

General Skull: Master Griffin.

[several droids then sorround Brian]

General Skull: You are a bold one. [chuckles] Kill him.

[the Magna Doirds then start approaching Brian as he then ignites his Lightsaber]

[But then he dropes a large object on them as all droids then point their blasters at him]

General Skull: Back off! I'll handle this Jedi scum myself!

Brian: Your move, creep.

General Skull: Idiot! I was trained by your Jedi playworld, by Dawn Bellwether!

[Skull then drops his cape, and draws 4 double-bladed Lightsabers, as he then deploys 2 extra machanical arms as she then ignites all the sabers' blades]

General Skull: Attack, General Snoopy!

Brian: With pleasure! [points out his lightsaber at him]

General Skull: [cackles as he starts spinning his Lightsabers, he then starts walking towards Brain as she spinning Lightsabers scrape the ground, causing showers of sparks to fly, as Brian slolwy back up until they clash their Sabers]

[Then Brian cuts off one of his arms]

General Skull: Ouch! [growls then he snarls and clashes again]

[they then come into a blade as Brian slides the bade of his saber downward and cuts off another arm, as General Skull clashes sabers again. Then he grabs Brian's throat and throws him in front of the Sailor Scouts]

Brian: [groaning]

Solair Jupiter: Brian! Are you okay?

Brian: He's too strong.

[Then Skull raises up his lightsabers, but then there were gun shots]

Clone Equine Trooper: Everybody out!

Clone Equine Trooper 2: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

[the Clone army then comes in and they start fighting the droids]

Brian: Just in time.

General Skull: [laughs evily] Regradless, if you have an army or not, you must realize, you are doomed!

Brian: I don't think so. [he then gives a mighty Force push, and sends General Skull flying back and into a higher walkway as he drops his other 2 sabers and lands on the ground. Then Brian frees the Sailor Scouts] You help the troops! Skull is mine.

Sailor Scouts: Right!

[Gneral Skull crawls away and hops onto his speeder bike, and he starts it up and then drives away]

Brian: You're not going to escape this time! [whistles]

[Brian's dewback races in and Brian hops on]

Brian: Hiya!

[The Dewback runs after Skull]

[but then as they leap down from higher point, Brian drops his lIghtsaber]

Brian: Oh no!

[Brian's Lightsaber then lands at Commander Billy's Hooves as he picks it up and looks up]

[It sideswipes to Canterlot castle]

Commander Billy: [on hologram] Master Emerald, may I interupt? General Griffin has made contact with General Skull and freed the Sailor SCouts, and we have begun our attack.

Captain Emerald: Thank you, commander. Chris report this to the Senate, they're reaction will give us a new advantage.

Chris: Right away, Master.

[Chris then leaves the room]

Captain Emerald: I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi. The Dark Side of the Force surrounds the Senate.

Jedi (on hologram): If the senate doesn't give there actions, after the destruction of General Skull. They should enter bankruptcy.

Captain Emerald: Then that would mean that The Jedi Council would have to take a corse of action.

Princess Luna: Then we must take great care.