Here's how Dawn, Dudley, Celaeno and TD-1000 face off in Vengeance & Rage!.

[we then sideswipe to Dawn, Dudley, and Celaeno riding on a Dewback and he finds TD-1000's hideout]

[we then go into the hideout]

TD-1000: It won't be long till the Republic arrives. I'm sending you all to Coruscant.

[as he talks, Brian rides into the hideout on the Dewback]

TD-1000: You'll be hiding in the old hideout of Darth Sidious. You'll be safe there.

Separatist leader: How can you be so sure? Prince Barret managed to escape your grasp, General! Plus, without Wrath Raygar and Jessica Shrew, I have doubts of your ability to keep us safe.

[as they talk, Dawn, Dudley, and Celaeno's Dewback walks on the walkway above them, as they hop off and looks down at the group]

TD-1000: If that is so. Then we wouldn't it be a doubt that they'll come after you. Your ship is wating.

[They leave as Dawn, Dudley, and Celaeno then remove their hoods and then leap down from the walkway and lands behind TD-100]

Dawn: How's it going?

[the Magna Droids then turn around and turn on their electro-staffs and TD-1000 himself turns around]

TD-1000: Dawn, Dudley, and Celaeno.

[several droids then sorround Brian]

TD-1000: You are bold ones. [chuckles] Kill them.

[the Magna Doirds then start approaching the 3 as they ignite their sabers]

[But then Dudley drops a large object on them as all droids then point their blasters at him]

TD-1000: Back off! I'll handle these Jedi scum myself!

Captain Celaeno: Your move, creep.

TD-1000: Idiot! I was trained by your Jedi playworld, by Darth Raygar!

[TD-1000 then drops his cape, and draws his regular purple lightsaber and double bladed lightsaber, but then he then deploys a 3rd and 4th arm, which are holding a blue double bladed lightsaber and a yellow single bladed lightsaber and ignites them all]

TD-1000: Come on, fleshlings!!

[Dawn stands in her signature Soresu stance, Dudley stands in his Djem So stance and Celaeno stands in a normal pirate Sword wielding stance as TD-1000 cackles as he starts spinning his Lightsabers, he then starts walking towards the trio as he spins his Lightsabers scrape the ground, causing showers of sparks to fly, as the trio slowly back up until they clash their Sabers]

Dawn: Geez, you're strong, TD. You must have token droid steroids.

[they continue clashing it out as Celaeno manages to cut off his hand with the Blue double-bladed Lightsaber]

TD-1000: [growls then he snarls and clashes again]

[they then come into a blade as TD-1000 clashes sabers again. As he and Dudley come into a blade-lock where Dudley uses this opening to disarm TD of his yellow lightsaber. Then he grabs Dawns's throat and slams her down]

Dawn: [groaning]

Dudley Puppy: Dawn! Are you okay?

Dawn: He's too strong.

[Then TD-1000 raises up his lightsabers, but then there were gun shots]

Clone Equine Trooper: Everybody out!

Clone Equine Trooper 2: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

[the Clone army then comes in and they start fighting the droids]

Dawn: Just in time.

TD-1000: [laughs evily] Regradless, if you have an army or not, you must realize, you are doomed!

Dudley: I don't think so. [he then gives a mighty Force push, and sends TD-1000 flying back and into a higher walkway as he drops his other 2 sabers and lands on the ground. As TD crawls away and hops onto his speeder bike, and he starts it up and then drives away]

Captain Celaeno: You're not going to escape this time! [whistles]

[The trio's dewback races in and they hop on]

Dawn: Hiya!

[The Dewback runs after TD-1000]

[but then as they leap down from higher point, they drop their sabers As they then lands at Commander Billy's Hooves as he picks them up and looks up]

[It sideswipes to Canterlot castle]

Commander Billy: [on hologram] Master Emerald, may I interupt? Dawn, Dudley Puppy, and Captain Celaeno had made contact with TD-1000, and we have begun our attack.

Captain Emerald: Thank you, commander. Chris report this to the Senate, they're reaction will give us a new advantage.

Chris: Right away, Master.

[Chris then leaves the room]

Captain Emerald: I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi. The Dark Side of the Force surrounds the Senate.

Jedi (on hologram): If the senate doesn't give there actions, after the destruction of TD-1000. They should enter bankruptcy.

Captain Emerald: Then that would mean that The Jedi Council would have to take a corse of action.

Princess Luna: Then we must take great care.