Here's when Brian faces the Dazzlings while Tino faces Kurumi in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

Optimus Prime: Tonitini! Griffin!

Tino: Optimus, what's wrong?

Brian: It's Kurumi! She's got Shido!

Tino: WHAT!!? We've got to save him Brian! Let's go!

Optimus Prime: This way, quick!!

[with Bumblebee and Shido]

Bumblebee: We've got to get out of here!

[Shido and Bumblebee runs away from Kurumi]

Kurumui: Where do you think you're going Shido?

[The Shadows catches Shido]

Bumblebee: SHIDO!!!

Shido: Let go of me!

Kurumi: Oh whoaish me, I can't believe I'd completely mess things up. And now that you're mine, no one can save you now Shido. Oh well, it can't be helped now. [laughs]

Tino: LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU STUPID SPIRIT!!!! [uses Rainbow Blast and hits Kurumi]

Optimus Prime: Are you alright, Shido?

Shido: Yes. I'm okay.

Kurumi: So, Tino Tonitini and Brian Griffin, came to the rescue, I see. So who's going to face a beautiful spirit like me?

Brian: I will!

Tino: Wait. Let me and Optimus handle Kurumi, Tino. You go handle the Dazzlings.

Brian: But Tino!

Tino: Don't worry, Brian she'll pay for what she did to me last time.

[flashback starts]

Kurumi: Say goodbye, Yoshino. [she fires her gun]

Shido: Yoshino!

Tino: No!

[He jumps in front of Yoshino and the bullet hits him in his stomach]

[Everyone watches in horror of Tino getting shot]

Yoshino: Tino!

Sophia: Ah, Tino!

Kotori: NO!

Kurumi: [cackling]

Serena: [rams her] RAH!

[Kurumi is knocked out cold]

Fred: Tino!

Kat: Tino!

Yoshino: My love!

Tino: (still barley alive breathing) Yoshino.

Yoshino: Tino?

Tino: than any of us, then anything I could have imagine, and I'll I ever wanted to do was (coughing) I wanted to be a Honored guest to Canterlot.

Yoshino: Tino, no! Stay with me Tino, Tino!

Tino: Don't worry about me, because the age of the Transformers is over. (puts his hand on Yoshino's cheek) But I (he closes his eyes and his hand falls to the ground)

Yoshino: No Tino, come on Tino, don't go! Stay with me, stay with me!!! (beginning to cry) Tino, Tino please don't go!

[flashback ends]

Brian: I understand ([in his mind] I'm coming for you you cursed sirens) [runs off]

Tino: (transforms into his half-pony form) Alright Kurumi, Optimus and I are going to take you down.

Kurumi: We'll see about that. [takes out her gun]

Optimus Prime: [puls out his sword] Bring it on!

Tino: That's right!

[Cut to Brian trying to find the Dazzlings]

Adagio Dazzle: Looking for us?

Aria Blaze: Looks like we've got an enemy who get in our way.

Brian: Alright time to take you down once and for all!

Adagio Dazzle: Big deal! Once we're finished with you Tino Tonitini will be good as ours!

Brian: Tino will never join you!

Sonata Dusk: We'll see about that.

Brian: Bring it on, ugly sirens! [takes out his guns] AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!

[Back to Tino's battle]

Tino: [dodges Kurumi's attack] Take this! [blasts Kurumi]

Kurumi: Good move Tino, but that won't be enough to kill me. [charges at him]

Galvatron: NS-5s! Kill all the heroes!

Peter: Take this! And that! Take this! And that! (hits each NS-5 as he talks)

Grimlock: (chomps on the NS-5s) ROOOAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!

Cheese Sandwich: (fires his guns at the NS-5s)

Ash: Pikachu use... [now being choked by the NS-5]

Serena: No!! Ash!!

Galvatron: (laughs) now watch as your love dies!

Serena: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ASH!!!!! [kicks the NS-5 causing it to let go of Ash]

Ash: (coughs) Thanks... Serena.

Serena: (cries)

[back to Brian and The Dazzlings' battle]

Adagio Dazzle: [blasts Brian]

Sonata Dusk: [kicks Brian]

Brian: YOU SON OF A GUN!!!!! [takes out his M60 and starts shooting at them]

Adagio Dazzle: How's this! [kicks Brian]

Aria Blaze: It's over Brian! Tino is ours!!

[back to Tino and Optimus Prime's fight with Kurumi]

Kurumi: [fires her gun]

Tino: [dodges] WHOA!! [fires his M60]

[Kurumi kicks Tino toward the wall]

Tino: You... GODDAMN SPIRIT!!!!! RAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!

[Kurumi punches Tino in the stomach, and Tino lay in the ground]

Sunset Shimmer: TINO!!!!!!

Tino: [gets up] How... so...... tough?!

Kurumi: Cause I love Shido. I love him more than anything.

Tino: Then why...... are you trying..... to make him yours?!! I thought you want to devour him.

Kurumi: I'd changed my mind. I decide that he can join me to end the world, it is such a pain.

Tino: Well...... it's not such a pain.....when I'm...... finished with you! RAAAAAA!!!!!

[back to Brian]

Brian: I will kill you, so that Tino will never join you

Adagio Dazzling: Not for long.

[she starts singing "Under our Spell"]

Brian: [puts on ear phones] Nice try!

Adagio Dazzling: What?

Brina: Vinny, how about giving me a hand?

Vinny: With pleasure.

Sonata Dusk: Uh-oh!

Brian: Now, time to end these Sirens!

[The 2 then start to warm up a powerful plasma gun (from one of the destroyed robots)]

Aria Blaze: I hate these dogs.

[The 2 fire and vaporize the 3]

Brian: That'll take care of you!

Kurumi: It's time to finish you off, Tino. [chokes Tino]

Brian: HANG ON, TINO!! I'm coming!

Kurumi: Any last words, Tonitini?

Tino: Just six. [punches Kurumi] Never mess with me and Brian!

Brian: [kicks Kurumi]

[Brian drives the sword into Kurumi's stomach]

Kurumi: I love you... Shido. [dies]

[Brian throws her body into the lower level of USR]

Brian: Are you alright, Tino?

Tino: Yes. Thanks for all the help.

Brian: You're welcome.

[Tino and Brian share a high five]

Optimus Prime: Well, we've got more problems right now! Because here they come!

Sonic: And we might need help over here.

Todd: Yeah, hug help.

[The NS-5s jumps toward them]

Tino: Oh no! [transforms into his half-pony form]

[Optimus Prime fighting the NS-5s, but Lockdown shoot him]

Lockdown: Now I've got you in my sight! [shoots again]

Optimus: [dodges] It's you and me now! [runs after Lockdown]