Brick is a contestant on Total Drama.

Brick is an army kid who enforces the "never leave a cadet behind" code as if his life depends on it. He respects his superiors to the fullest, saluting them and even complimenting Chef's disgusting meals, something only Owen has done before him. According toDawn, Brick needs to be dominated, but when necessary he can easily take control himself. Brick and Jo are highly competitive with each other. However, unlike many former and current contestants, Brick respects, not resents, such skilled players. He also states his appreciation that they are on the same team. Brick can be tough, but he is also very sensitive. He has a habit of wetting himself and is also afraid of the dark. In Runaway Model, he cries when he unleashes a fashion disaster on Sasquatchanakwa. The incident makes Brick want to attend fashion school, which he proudly announces in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, much to everyone's shock.

He will meet Pooh and the others in Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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