This is how Bridging out goes in Darkness Rising Part 3.

Optimus Prime: This substance had the same affect on this device as it had on Cliffjumper.

Ratchet: That would explain his life signal coming back online, but Dark Energon. It's so scarce seems to be virtually non-existent. What would it be doing in Equestria?

Optimus Prime: I think Megatron may be using it to raise a horde of undead Terrorcons to conquer Equestria with.

Ratchet: True. Very true.

Twilight Sparkle: We need to figure this out.

Fluttershy: Yeah.

[Autobots and Ponies arrive]

Rainbow Dash: Hey! Guess who's back!

Arcee: Yeah.

Pinkie Pie: Alright.

Smokescreen: Nice prank, Pinkster.

Rarity: That was fabulous.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: I know.)

Applejack: Miss us, Doc Bot.

Bulkhead: His name's Ratchet.

Optimus Prime: Autobots, prepare to...

Arcee: Roll out?

Optimus Prime: Remain here

Twilight Sparkle: We have to find out what Megatron's plan for this substance's use is.

Optimus Prime: Your decision is wise, Twilight. Ratchet, we may need your help.

Ratchet: But what about Fluttershy? I can't leave her here on her own.

Optimus Prime: Then she will tag along.

Fluttershy: Okay. But I don't want to get hurt.

Optimus Prime: Arcee, you're in charge.

Arcee: Optimus. Playing bodyguard is one thing. Baby-sitting is another. And besides, Ratchet hasn't been in the field since the war.

Optimus Prime: We know.

Twilight Sparkle: Can we just go?

Ratchet: Yeah.

Fluttershy: Come on.

[They enter the Groundbridge and it closes behind them]

Rainbow Dash: So, what's on the activities list?

Arcee: You stay here.

Bulkhead: What?

Arcee: When you're in charge, you need to handle the girls. Bee, with me.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Aw, man. Bye girls.)

Arcee: Bulkhead, Smokescreen, you're in charge.

[Bee and Cee transform and leave. Bulkhead and Smokescreen turn to the ponies]

Bulkhead: So, uh...

Smokescreen: What's on the activities list?

Applejack: [plugs a bass into a speaker] How about a song? It's called Awesome As I Wanna Be.

[She starts playing and the song begins]

Applejack: Hey!~






Awesome as I wanna be~

Smokescreen: Hang on! Stop!

[Applejack stops]

Rainbow Dash: What now?

[Alarm goes off]

Smokescreen: [points] Proximity sensor.

Bulkhead: Quick, hide!