Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is the youngest female of the team, her namesake based on her bright blue eyes back in Season 1 and in the TV special. She is sweet, passionate, and extremely energetic. A hobby of hers is cheerleading, which is seen as one of her roles in the show. At times, she may come across as rather naive and ditzy, but is always aware of what's going on in a situation. In Season 2, Bright Eyes is younger than she was in season 1. In the season 1 episode Bright Eyes, Come Home, Bright Eyes wanted to be adopted. After an incident during the episode, Bright Eyes decides to stay with the Pound Puppies. Her dream of being adopted was never mentioned for the remainder of the series. In Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, she wore a green shirt (blue in season 2, originally green in season 1), a yellow skirt (blue in the TV series), and has white fur (Yellow in the TV series).



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