Brooke is a ex-girlfriend of Austin Moon and a Enemy to The Sora Team. Also, She is shown to be a person who is very serious about her relationships. She Will Only Kidnap Donald Duck on Sora's Adventure Series.

Brooke (25)

Brooke (Austin's Ex-Girlfriend, Xehanort's Minion and Enenmy of Sora and His Friends)


She and Austin broke up, though she still has feelings for him. He doesn't return her feelings. (In Fact Because of Austin and Ally are a Married Couple)

Her last name is unknown.

Trish calls her "Scrapbook Girl"

Donald is shown to be scared of her. (As Assuming that She has a Deep Crush on Her, He doesn't return her feelings)

She is Very Good Friends with Pete, Constantine and the Other Villians.

Her First Appearnce was Sora's Adventures of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

She Will Get Revenge on Her Rivals on Other Sora's Adventure Series and Mostly It's Spinoff Austin & Ally's Adventure Series.

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