is the son of Pinkie Pie and Hoof Trooper, He is a lot like his mother, but more boyish, addicted to chocolate, master of disguise, an ace at CARD GAMES (never lost in a game once in his life), and can cook the tastiest chocolate-flavored food. He’s also great friends with Fluttershy’s daughter, Dragonsly. Brownie enjoys parties and having fun much like his mother and also enjoys causing pranks and mischief, but he doesn’t enjoy boredom, hurting somepony else’s feelings, or seeing his friends down in the dumps. Despite being most like his mother, he is strategic like his father. Brownie’s cutie mark is… well, a brownie, showing his skills in baking chocolate-flavored goods. He gained his cutie mark from making his batch of brownies that made a big hit..



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