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Bruma is a lioness from "El Arca." She was Xiro's first choice to board Noah's Ark with him, but while taunting Kairel, Bruma was squashed by a falling hippo and supposedly drowned in the flooding waters below. Yet, through some shear miracle, Bruma survived her unlucky fall. How she was able to escape the great flood has yet to be answered.
Bruma as snow white by bennythebeast-d6he43p

Bruma as Snow White.

Over time, Bruma was reunited with Kairel and Panthy, the latter of whom had left the Predators under her own will. The three girls met up with Alex and his adventure team in Alex's Adventures of Dumbo. She also became a part of the El Arca Big Six.

Some time after arriving back in New York, they signed up for the Ghostbusters Animal Division, along with Alex's Adventure team, Xiro and a newly reformed Dagnino, in Alex's Adventures of The Real Ghostbusters. At the same time, they joined the new Benny, Leo and Johnny Adventure team on new adventures through time and space.

Bruma didn't give up on men or love, and it paid off well for her as she is married to Tigger. Some may question their romance, and Bruma would reply by saying, "he makes me laugh." This would make their romance similar to that of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit.


  • Bruma and Tigger have twin daughters Tiana and Danielle.
  • In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series, Bruma has a little sister/big brother relationship with Benny.

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