was the involuntary adversary of the Teen Titans in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. He was originally an amazing Japanese artist during his youth and fall in love with a painting of a beautiful woman he made himself. He decided to bring his painting to life by using the mystic dark arts. But to his surprise, the darkness stained him, his skin became paper, and ink flowed through his veins. Whenever he touches a flat surface with his hands, he creates ink minions in a variety of colors. Daizo, on the other hand, somehow managed to capture Brushogun but instead of delivering him to his superiors, he placed him in a cursed printing press to make him create more super-villains so Daizo could earn his reputation of being Tokyo's number one hero. However, little does Daizo know, Brushogun made a Saico-Tek as a messenger to the Teen Titans so they could free him from this prison and stop Daizo once and for all.


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