Here is how Bucky's mission goes in Weekenders and Captain America: Civil War.

(December 16, 1991)

(we see a base)

Soldiers:(open a door)

Vasily Karpov:(takes a book with a star on it)

(we see Barnes coming out of stasis)

Bucky Barnes: No! No!

Vasily Karpov: Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace. Nine. Benign. Homecoming. One. Freight car.

Tino: That's our que. Let's go!

Deadpool: You come in way later. Get out of here, and wait till the next scene!

Sunset Shimmer: What is he talking about?

Deadpool: Beam them, Scotty. And get them back to the Present Day, one year after Ultron's defeat.

(they get teleported away)

Vasily Karpov:(in Russian) Good morning soldier.

Bucky Barnes:(in Russian) Ready to comply.

Vasily Karpov:(in Russian) I have a mission for you. Sanction and extract. No witnesses.

(we see a car drive by on a road)

Bucky Barnes:(turns on the motorcycle light and follows)

(he drives up and shoots the car and drives away)

Bucky Barnes:(drives to the crashed car)

(we see Barnes open and the trunk and take the super soldier serum)

Vasily Karpov:(in Russian) Good work, soldier.

(Marvel Studios)