This is how Bug hunt goes in Scrapheap.

Applejack: I get to be your bodyguard for once. How awesome is that?

Bulkhead: Rarity found the first one here, right?

[Applejack nods]

[Lights flicker off and Bulkhead screams. Lights flicker back on.]

Applejack: Did you just scream like a little filly?

Bulkhead: No. Maybe. Can we talk about this later?

[Applejack nods]

Applejack: Well, at least we get more time together.

[Cables fall from above and Bulkhead screams again, this flailing his arms]

Applejack: Okay. Wish I hadn't seen that. Bulkhead, yer fine. It's a bunch of cables.

[Bulkhead stops]

Bulkhead: Oh. Right. Cables.

[They continue on their way]

[Scraplets continue to chomp their way through the metal]

Bulkhead: Are you sure you know where you're going?

Applejack: Yeah. Why wouldn't I?

[Scraplets look down at them]

Applejack: Whoa there, nelly!

Bulkhead: What?

[Scraplets open their hungry mouths]

[Bulkhead screams again]

[Meanwhile, Rarity and Bumblebee come to an air vent]

Rarity: Don't these things ever stop heating?

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: No. They never do.)

[They move forward to the vent and Bumblebee pries it open. They hear a noise and see Scraplets coming from a vent under them]

[Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie and Smokescreen walk up to a hole in the wall]

Pinkie Pie: How are they able to do all this?

Smokescreen: Their teeth.

[He sees a set near the hole]

[Scraplets attack]

[Fluttershy and Ratchet are in the control room]

Fluttershy: How's it going over there?

Ratchet: I've repaired the damage conductors and re-routed the central conduits. But the Groundbridge still won't receive power.

[Fluttershy hears a noise and Scraplets fly in]

Fluttershy: They fly? You never said they can fly.

[The Scraplets attack Ratchet]

Fluttershy: Ratchet!

[Ratchet struggles against their bites]

Ratchet: The fire extinguisher!

[Bulkhead, Applejack, Bumblebee, Rarity, Smokescreen, and Pinkie Pie arrive as Fluttershy grabs it and sprays the Scraplets]

Bulkhead: Ratchet, get the patch kit. We're leaking Energon like...whoa!

[The Scraplets attack him]

Bulkhead: Eat this!

[He throws a chunk of metal]

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