Here's how building the pod and Savage Opress arrives in The Beginning of the Chronicles III.

[back at the ship]

Brian: What if this plan fails, Master? We could be stuck here for a long time.

Gruff: Well, it's too dangerous to call for help and a ship with out a power suplly isn't gonna get us anywhere. And, there's something about these Pokemon, especially the little Eevee. [hangs up]

[then Sylveon comes out]

Gruff: You should be proud of your son. He gives without any thought of reward.

Sylveon: Well, he knows nothing of greed. He has a..

Gruff: He has special powers.

Sylveon: Yes.

Gruff: He can see things before they happen. That's why he appears to have such quick reflexes. It's a Jedi trait.

Sylveon: He and his siblings deserve better than a slave's life.

Gruff: Why, certainly. Had they been born in the Republic, we would have identified them early. The Force is unusually strong with them. That much is clear. Who was their father?

Sylveon: There was no father. I carried them, I gave birth, I raised them. I can't explain what happened. Can you help them?

Gruff: I don't know. I didn't actually come here to free slaves.

[then some other children come over to Eevee's podracer.]

Celebi: An astromech droid?! How did you get so lucky?

Eevee: That isn't the half of it. I'm in the Boonta race tomorrow.

Celebi: Really?! With this?!

Mew: You're such a joker, Eevee.

Manapahy: You've been working on that thing for years,

Jirachi: What if it doesn't run?

Eevee; It too will run!

Jirachi: Okay, okay, I'm just asking.

Eevee: Why don't you give me a hand?

Celebi: Uh, sorry Eevee. We should go. Good luck tomorrow.

[the other kids then leave]

Eevee: Hey, Ja rJar. Keep away from those energy binders, if your hand gets caught in the beam, it's gonna be go numb for hours.

Jar Jar: Sorry, okay. [he then reaches down to grab his tool but then he gets shocked]

Master Shake: [chuckles] He's numb! [laughs]

Jar jar: My tounge is fat. My tounge. My wrench. Where is da wrench. Oh, dare it is. [he then gets hiand stuck in the jet fan] hey. Uh-oh. Uh, Eevee, I'm stuck. Eevee.

PROXY: You know, I find that Jar Jar creature to be a little odd.

Chopper: [beeps]

Fender: I find him kinda cool.

Piper: Me too.

Rodney: Let's see if this thing will run!

Jar Jar: (muffled) My.. my mouth! Eevee, I'm stuck. Uh, hey! My tounge is fat, Eevee!

[Then Lois pulls his hand out]

Jarjar: Oh, oh thank you.

[Eevee then flips a few switches and then the podracer roars into life!]

Glaceon: It's working!

Eevee: It's really working!

Umbreon: [looks and sees something] Oh, no!

[They all look and see 5 girls wearing academy clothes on skates and they stop]

Leafeon: It's our rivals.

Flareon: Yeah, the Crystal Prep Girls!

Sour Sweet: What is this peace of junk?

Eevee: It's a podracer! I'm entering the Boonta Eve Classic tomorrow.

Indigo Zap: You're racing again?

Sugarcoat: You're probably gonna be beaten, just like your last race with Sebulba because he never lost a single race.

Eevee: Oh, yeah! Well that's gonna change! This one is the fastest one I'd ever build!

The siblings: Yeah!

Sunny Flare: Oh, that is so cute. A little Normal-type Pokémon is going to beat Sebulba.

[The girls start laughing]

Eevee: Watch it, butt-face!

Sunny Flare: Shut up, idiot!

Eevee: Moron!

Sour Sweet: Dust bunny!

Eevee: Fart smeller!

Jolteon: [sniffs and sighs]

Sunny Flare: Dust bunny!

Eevee: You already said that, idiot!

Sunny Flare: Yeah, well your still brown, moron!

Lemon Zest: You are a barf smelling, old apple chewing, scab female dog!

Eevee: Yeah. The reason why you're called "Lemon Zest" because your mama loves lemons!

The Eevolutions: Yeah!

Sugarcoat: You love to hang out with Watto! And you like it!

The Crystal Prep girls: Ooooooooooh.

Eevee: You talk like a boy!

[Everyone gets shock looking faces]

Sugarcoat: What did you say?

Eevee: You heard me.

Sugarcoat: We'll be there, tomorrow, watching the race. So your butt can get whooped by Sebulba again.

Eevee: Count on it, crystal heads!

The Eevolutions: Yeah!

Sugarcoat: Let's roll!

[They roll away]

Eevee: Stupid heads.

[Then they see an angry mob of robots]

Espeon: What in the world?

Umbreon: What's all this?

[the robots then all crowd Watto's shop]

Watto: I'm sorry. I don't have any more parts, just upgrades from here on end!

[a delivery truck with new upgrades then pulls up]

Female robot: But I like myself just the way I am. [her light bulb nose shatters]

Male robot: We can't afford upgrades!

Big male robot: Let's get him!

Trash can robot: Hey! Hey! What are you doing?! Don't throw me!

[the Eevolutions then race over]

Eevee: What is this?

Trash can robot: Hey look, it's the Pokemon that fixed Fender's neck!

Male robot: Yeah! They fix robots!

[they race over to them]

Fender: Brace yourselves, you guys are about to get very popular. Alright, people! Oh, wait I forgot what it was. Come on, in!

Robot: Parts, man! I need parts!

Eevee: You don't look that...

[the robot then falls apart instantly]

Eevee: Bad.

Male robot: Hey everybody, spareparts!

Glaceon: HOLD IT!!!

[they stop]


Fender: You should all be a shamed of yourselves!

Eevee: [notices the second nose] Uh, why do you have 2 noses?!

Fender: One's showing and one's for blowing.

Espeon: [use Psy beam to knock off the second nose]

Fender: Sorry.

Male robot: Hey, could you look at my arm?

Glaceon: [grabs his arm and pops off] Wow, this is quite the grip you got.

Male robot: Like iron!

Tall male robot: I can't get rid of this spare tire!

Small shout robot: I am losing my mind!

Fender: Back off! Back off! They got their own dreams that won't come true!

Male robot: Let's go.

[but as the truck drives away, Eevee starts to have second throughts]

Eevee: Hey, wait!

[the robots stop and then the other Eevolutions take out some tools]

Vaporeon: Who wants to get fixed?

Robots: [cheerd]

["Tell Me What You Already Did" starts playing]

[we then see each of the Evolutions fixing each of the robots]

[then they complete fix the one robot that completely fell apart]

Robots: [cheering]

[That night]

Gruff: Stay still, Eevee. Let me clean this cut.

Eevee: Have you been to all the planets?

Gruff: No, I don't think nobody has. It's a big galaxy.

Eevee: Well, I'm gonna be the first one to see them all.

Sylveon; Eevee, bedtime!

Eevee: Ow!

Gruff: There we are, good as new.

Sylveon: Eevee, I'm not gonna tell you again.

Eeevee: What are you doing?

Gruff: Just checking  your blood for infections. Go on, you have a big day tomorrow. Sleep well, Eevee.

Eevee: [goes inside]

Gruff: Brian?

Brian: Yes, Master?

Gruff: I need an analysis on this blood sample I sent you.

Brian: Wait a minute. [computes it]

Gruff: I need a midi-chlorian count. [sends the blood sample]

Brian: The reading is off the chart. Over 20,000. Even Luke Skywalker doesn't have a midiclorian count that high!

Gruff: No Jedi has.

Brian: What does that even mean?

Gruff: I'm not sure.

[then out in space, a ship flies into Tatooine and then lands. and out emerges Savage Opress and then he search for their ship as he then sends out some droids]

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