This is how Bulkhead's Act of Honesty goes in Darkness Rising Part 5.

[Bulkhead and Applejack walk together]

Bulkhead: You sure we're goin' the right way?

Applejack: Yes.

Bulkhead: We've been walkin' for hours. The Element of Honesty could be anywhere.

Applejack: Relax big fella, we're almost there.

Bulkhead: Seriously?

Applejack: Seriously.

Bulkhead: To be honest, Applejack, I like you.

Applejack: Really?

Bulkhead: Yeah.

Applejack: Well, I like you too.

Bulkhead: Thanks.

Applejack: You're welcome.

[The Element of Honesty comes into view and an orange aura appears around Bulkhead]





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