Bulkhead TFP

Bulkhead (Transformers: Prime)

Bulkhead is an Autobot from Transformers: Prime.


Bulkhead comes to Earth with Arcee, Bumblebee, Ratchet and Optimus to find Energon deposits. One of his comrades, Cliffjumper, was killed by Bertram T. Monkey (Matau T. Monkey's evil twin brother) and the Decepticon Starscream



  • Who's ready to rumble?
  • Traffic.
  • Hey. Fleshie. Did anyone get splattered on that three-way? Team Prime knows when to use force and how much to use. [crushes one of Ratchet's tools with his fist]
  • The sooner Megatron leaves Earth, the better. [to Ryan] Am I right?
  • It's not like we can ask Megatron, Ryan. He

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