This is when Davey Stones tells everyone about the fact of Rudolph to every elf and reindeer who had taunted on Rudolph for his red nose

Davey: everybody in this room has been associated with Rudolph that is so cute, cuddly, sweet, gentle, nice, friendly, good at heart, and most loveable. and I’m catching 99% of you had laugh at Rudolph’s nose and maybe calling him names like shiny clown nose, reddy the red nose loser or bright nose idiot when you know it hurt's him. but the next time you see him he still goes out of his way to smile and let you pet him and talk to you or something like that because unlike cares about someone other then himself. The reason I bring this up to you is because I was the worst friend of all. My life was simply going nowhere when I first met a reindeer for the first time. He was so good and stuff and all. But I did some bad things at the time. I was such a jerk but he's still my friend. Till I told him he was no good. And made his life end.

Reindeers: once we were at reindeer school. We were learning how to be a flyer. Rudolph was in class with us. And answered the entire question Mrs. Prancer ever buyer. And when we told her who would be a flyer. Rudolph said so do I. but we all just laugh at him. And we've all mad him cry. We just don't know why.

Coach elf: At the reindeer games. Our first challenge was the race. When he won the race I said he was disqualified. And I told him that he is no longer there with that nose on his face.

Davey: what a crushing blow to Rudolph I bet you wish you can take it back.

Mrs. Clause: how could you all be so hatred to Rudolph sound's to us that you were all a crack?

Rudolph’s mother: we want Rudolph to be a flyer to show that we care. But the first time he needed us we were there.

Blitzen: and on Christmas Eve and the last night of Hanukkah.

Davey: it's just not fair.

All: bum biddy biddy biddy bum bum. Bum biddy biddy biddy bum. (2 xs)

Davey: I wonder if that reindeer ever look like Gary oak from Pokémon?

Arrow: yes.

All: bum biddy biddy bum bum. Bum biddy biddy biddy bum. (3 xs)

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