Bunny is a character from The Powerpuff Girls.                  

Bunny (2016)

Bunny is very kindhearted and innocent. Despite this, she is often mischievous, vain, naive, and impetuous. However, Bunny remains positive and well-meaning in times of crisis, especially if she is responsible. Bunny is very talented when it comes to making music, as she plays several different instruments and has a lovely singing voice.


  • Bunny is voiced by Janice Kawaye, who replaces the late Christine Cavanaugh, respectively. And her voice is Kelly Metzger in the 2016 reboot show.
  • Bunny's original voice of the pre-show reboot is Janice Kawaye and shares with Ami, Jenny Wakeman, Nya-Nya and Sonia.
  • Her full name is Bunny Emily Utonium.


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