Announcer: Keep it clean, Fellas.

Announcer 2: And now, the match you've been waiting for: Buster vs. Alex!

He is fighting him and then everything got stop, and then Alex has turned into a Dusk

Buster: Again!

Then a Sword is on Buster's hand

Buster: Again?

He is fighting him and he defeat them all, and then a Black Coated guy is Clapping

????: Buster. All right. Fight fight fight. You really don't remember? It's me. You know, Ken the Bunny.

Buster: Ken?

Ken: Talk about blank with a capital "B" Boy oh boy, even the Dusk's aren't gonna crack this one.

He bring out his weapon

Buster: Wait a minute, tell me what's going on!

Ken: This town is his creation, was it? Which means we don't have time for Questions and Answers. You're coming with me, conscious or not. Then you'll hear the story.

Then everything is moving

Ken: Oh great.

Buster: What's going on!

He toss his Sword and then it's on his Hand again

Ken: Number 13, Buster. The Warrior chosen one.

Buster: Okay, then. Let's do this!

He is fighting him and then ZoN has appeared

Ken: So it was you.

He attacking, but he shield his attack

ZoN: Buster. This Bunny speak nonsense!

Ken: Buster! Don't let him decieve you!

ZoN: Buster!

Ken: Buster!

They are shouting his name and then he's head is hurt

Buster: My friends, Plucky. Babs. Calamity. Little Beeper. Dizzy. Plucky! Babs! Calamity! Little Beeper! Dizzy!

Then everything has been resume and he saw Alex collapsed 

Announcer: Huh? What just happen?

Alex: Huh? How did I get here?

He left the Tournament and then Buster Friends is coming to Buster

Babs: Buster!

Bookworm: You did it, Buster!

Hours later

Hamton: Buster?

Crowd: Walt!

They are Cheering to him

Babs: Buster! It's starting!

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