He and Plucky went to the Announcer, and they are going to fight

Buster: Hey... I'm sorry about Yesterday.

Plucky: What, your still worried about that? You have to learn how to let it go.

Buster: I know. But I got alot in my mind. Sorry.

Plucky: Hey, what am I sorry for?

Announcer 2: Our first match of today's Sutrggle tournament will be between Buster and his best friend, Plucky!

He is fighting him and he won

Announcer 2: And the winner is Buster! Not even friendship will show this bunny down. And Plucky couldn't put up a fight too.

He ran to Plucky

Plucky: I can't beleive I lost. I really hate being a loser! But still, you can win this tournament.

Buster: Sure. And I have a lot of fun fighting you.

Plucky is not happy

Plucky: Yeah, I can't believe I lost to a bunny like you.

Buster: Hey, let's find a way to cheer you up.

Plucky: Nah, I'm good. Thanks.

Then Max and his gangs appeared 

Max: Out of my way.

Plucky: You in a rush to lose from him?

That Robot Dog is laughing and he's looking at Buster

Max: Don't ever mess with me.

Announcer: Whoa, just look at those sparks fly! I guess Max didn't expect to fight one of his own boys!

Alex is fighting him and he's very good

Plucky: When did Alex get so tough?

Buster: Don't know.

And then Alex drop his Orb

Max: It's mine!

He's gonna be it, but Alex get it and defeat Max

Announcer: I-I'm not sure what just happened... um... the winner is... Alex! In a positively blistering comeback!

Max: That's not Alex.

Buster: Huh?

Max: Fight him?

Buster is looking at Alex the Robot Dog 

Announcer: It looks like Montana Max's withdrawn from the Struggle for third place.

Plucky: So I'm in Third now? Aw, man!

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