He is a secondary character in Sora's Adventures of Teen Beach Movie. He is the leader of the group of bikers called the "Rodents." Butchy has a younger sister named Lela, who is also a biker.


A Future Member of Sora's Adventure Team.


Butchy acts like a typical 60’s biker tough guy. He is not very fond of the surfers and likes to keep the two groups separated. In the movie, Butchy, his sidekick Lugnut and the other Rodents fight for the popular hang out spot, Big Mamma's. It is revealed that Butchy is scared of lighthouses when the bikers and the surfers go and save Mack and Brady from the lighthouse.


He is one of the six people that accidentally got stuck in the real world at the end of the movie and He, His Sister and Friends Ended to Join Forces with Sora, Donald, Goofy and Their Team.

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