Buttercream sundae by fercho262-d6bksv2

Buttercream Sunday is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit who has first appeared in Topped With Buttercream, among other episodes in which Sweet Delights is present. Full of energy and pep, she's a good dancer but seems to be just a little bit crazy from loads of sugar. Since "Topped with Buttercream", she has become a recurring character in the series. She shows up in the series every now and then.


  • Buttercream is a dull-yellow colored rabbit with brown coverings/markings on the tops of her ears, tips of feet, and a flowery circle shape around her left eye. Her nose and inner ear coloring is pink. Her eyes are a dark, emerald green. Buttercream also has a white muzzle, chest/stomach, and cotton tail. She wears a simple pink bow on her left ear with a giant peppermint candy in the middle.
  • Buttercream will meet Team Robot in Team Robot In Littlest Pet Shop & will be guest starring in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series & Emerl's Adventures Of Barney in Outer Space


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