Buzz and Delete

Buzz and Delete

Buzz and Delete are Hacker's main henchman.


Buzz is short and round. He loves donuts, and really wants to run a donut shop. He is generally loyal to Hacker and usually does everything Hacker tells him to, despite the disrespect he receives.


Delete the skinnier of the two of Hacker's henchman. He is loyal to Hacker. Unlike Buzz, who is more rough around the edges, Delete is softer and more vulnerable to trickery and deceit. He cares deeply for three things: Buzz, whom he has a brotherly friendship with, his pet bunny George, and Zango , his fairy borg father. Though Delete can still make simple mistakes, he becomes slightly more intelligent as the series progresses. Delete is athletic but clumsy. He is called Dee-Dee by Buzz, his closest friend. He has a fairy borg father, as seen in The Fairy Borg Father. Delete likes bunnies. Delete's catch phrase is,"I'm gonna love it (the bunny), and care for it, and call it George! Fans of the show thought Delete would join the cybersquad and be a hero.