C.H.R.O.M.E Agents: The Next Generation is a new film.


Lightning McQueen, Cruz, Cal, Bobby and Jackson Storm unexpectedly find themselves helping Finn and Holley hunt down an evil race car who just so happens to one of the Next Gen racers.


The film kicks off with Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Bobby Swift, Cal Weathers and Jackson Storm training at Willy's Butte. Project: Destruction, a creation of Nighlock's, brings them refreshments. They stop for a break when Siddeley shows up. Project: Destruction simply says he did nothing. The spy plane then lowers his rear-hatch door and Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell exit. Lightning expresses his joy in seeing them again. Jackson asks McQueen how he knows them, and Lightning tells him he met at the final race of the World Grand Prix, which was targeted by some very bad people. Finn tells Lightning that he needs his help again, as there is trouble again. Project: Destruction says he suspects Sterling, as he saw a blurred picture Axelrod in his office. However, McQueen is against the fact that Sterling is behind the trouble. Holley shows McQueen a picture of a speeding car in Tokyo, Japan. Nighlock takes a good look at it, and uses his speed reader to find out how fast the car is going. McQueen suddenly realizes the amount of technology the car has on him and figures out he must be a Next Gen racer. "Again, I blame Sterling," Project: Destruction says. McQueen says it doesn't look like Sterling at all. Nighlock tells Lightning that Project Destruction has every right to be suspicious, as they both fear Axelrod and Sterling may have been friends. They head to Japan to investigate. However, Axelrod reveals he has has never met Sterling. Nighlock demands how he Sterling has a picture of him then. Axlerod tells them that Sterling was part of the audience watching the final race of the World Grand Prix in London. He snapped a photo of him before Mater revealed he had a bomb on him and was quickly evacuated with the other present cars. When they visit they Japan police, one of the officers reveals the car that sped through Tokyo killed one of his partners with a bomb he had planned on his engine without him knowing. However, Nighlock doesn't stray from his suspicions that Sterling is employing the racer, and even points out how the image wasn't even in London. Lightning is still against this and tells him to stop being so stubborn. Nighlock argues that he has every right to be suspicious, then flies off to the college Miles Axelrod went to. As he is on his way, a