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is a droid who appears in Star Wars: Rebels.


Chopper was a "mongrel" astromech, cobbled together from the old parts of other astromechs because his owners couldn't afford a better model. This left him with a cranky and buggy personality.

Before the Ghost crew formed, Chopper belonged to Hera Syndulla, who "found" him back during the Clone Wars. ("Homecoming")

Chopper actually started out as an astromech assigned to a Y-Wing in the Galactic Republic's fleet during the Clone Wars. His Y-Wing was shot down during the Ryloth campaign, however, and his pilot did not survive. Heavily damaged and abandoned on the battlefield with the wreckage of his starfighter, he was found by the young Hera - who then rebuilt him into a functional droid by cobbling together other scavenged parts. ("The Forgotten Droid")

Rebel Droid

With Hera, Chopper became part of the Rebellion in a small cell, operating under the call sign Spectre-3 and the leadership of surviving Jedi Kanan Jarrus. As time went by the group was joined by others: Mandalorian artist Sabine Wren, Lasan Honor Guard captain Garazeb Orrelios, and a young thief from Lothal named Ezra Bridger. The group would face a number of threats and enemies, rank-and-file Imperials to Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, and from deceptive senator Gall Trayvis to the Grand Inquisitor.

Personality and Traits

Chopper showed little respect for his fellow shipmates. When asked to do something, Chopper would often do it his own way and slowly at that. He was extremely belligerent and rude, and liked to play pranks on the crew, mostly Ezra and Zeb. He was also known to have a close friendship with the Ghost crew's weapons expert: Sabine.

Despite his grumpy disposition, Chopper was very loyal and cared (in his own way) for his crew mates.