Cadance Knows Best is the sixteenth episode of the seventh season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


When Princess Cadance volunteers to babysit Isamu while Yuna and Snowdrop are off to school, Isamu begins to love Cadance's shoes and it's going to be a big job for Cadance while Princess Celestia, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna are off on a meeting.

Cadance arrives to babysit Isamu/Playing with Cadance's shoes

One day, Princess Cadance arrived to babysit Prince Isamu as Prince Hiro and Princess Luna left to drop Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop to school on their way to the meeting with Princess Celestia. When Isamu begins to love Cadance's shoes (on her hooves), He begins to take them off of her and start playing with them.

Playtime with Isamu/Snacktime

After Isamu playing with the shoes, Cadance put them back on her hooves. It was playtime, And Cadance began playing Peek-a-Boo and gives him a good tickle with her wings. It was Snacktime, Cadance fed Isamu Cinnamon Applesauce and bottle fed and burped him.

Making hoofprints and hoofpaints

Then, Cadance brings out blank white papers and paint. After that, Isamu hugs and kisses Cadance's hooves and she began to notice what a mess Isamu was, So she decided to give him a bath.

Isamu's Bathtime/Diaper change

It was bathtime, So Cadance puts Isamu into the tub and use plenty of soap until he's all clean, After his bath, Isamu need his Diaper changed after Cadance notice the smell.

The kissing shoe/Playing with Cadance's hooves

Then, Isamu kissed Cadance's hoof. He playing with her shoes for a few minutes then continues playing with Cadance.

The Family returned/having a fun time

Just then, Prince Hiro, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came home with Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop and they were amazed with Cadance taken very good care of Isamu.



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