Cadance and Skyla is a short film to be made by Iamnater1225.


Princess Cadance took very special care with her baby filly, Slyla while Shining Armor is away at the Prince meeting, It's a mother's job to take care of her own baby.


Shining Armor away for Prince meeting

One fine day, Shining Armor was away for Prince meeting with Prince Flash Sentry, Prince Blueblood Prince Thomas and Prince Hiro. So, Princess Cadance is in charge of their baby, Skyla. Which is a mother's job to take care of her own baby.

Playtime with Cadance

Later, Cadance started playing with her. Cadance even gave Skyla a great big tickle with her wing. Skyla finds Cadance's feathers were soft.

Make Hoofpaints

Then, They do some hoofpaintint. Later, Cadance brought out some Pink Paint. After hoof painting, Cadance wash her hooves. Then, She got Skyla to wash hers.

Visiting Auntie Twilight, Auntie Celestia and Auntie Luna

Cadance and Skyla visit Princess Twilight Sparkle at the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom. Then, They visited Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in Canterlot.

Snacktime/Bathtime/Diapering time

Later that day, Cadance had been taking special care of Skyla. By feeding, Bathing and Diapering. It was hard work. But she got used to it and she loved Skyla so much more than life itself.

Shining Armor returns

Just then, Shining Armor came home. Then, He notice Skyla had a crown of her own. Cadance asked him if he could take his turn with Skyla now that he's home. And her finally agreed and begins playing with her.



  1. Shining Armor away for Prince meeting
  2. Playtime with Cadance
  3. Make Hoofpaints
  4. Visiting Auntie Twilight, Auntie Celestia and Auntie Luna
  5. Snacktime/Bathtime/Diapering time
  6. Shining Armor returns


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