Here's how Cade kills Savoy in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[Cade is being chased by Savoy on the rooftops of the building]

[the 2 crash into a fence and Savoy drops his pistol]

[then they start climbing down the side of the building]

Cade: [loses his balance and grabs an air conditioner]

Savoy: That's a long way down. [starts to try and kick lose another air conditioner]

Cade: You gotta be kidding me.

[the air conditioner comes loose]

Cade: No!

[but it misses Cade and he continues climbing down the building]

[they continue going down]

Cade: [almost falls off] Whoa! Oh!

Savoy: I'm comin' for you! [jumps then and then tackles Cade into one of the apartments]

[Cade and Savoy are punching each other, Savoy is chocking Cade. While Cade's finger is in Savoy's eye]

Cade: [headbutts Savoy and tosses him to a table]

Savoy: Never should have hidden that tank engine.

Cade: You never should have threatened my family.

Savoy: Though luckier, we all have children.

Cade: Yeah, But I live to see my.

Savoy: Oh, [takes out a blade]

Cade: [picks up a football throws it at Savoy and shoves him out the window]

Savoy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [hits an awning and then the ground]

Attinger: [slams his hand on a locker]

Lockdown: Where is my escape bounty?

Attinger: Autobots at this location. Prime is close. Do whatever you have to.

[We see Lockdown]

Lockdown: I attend to.