Kimberly & Bakumaru wakes up in the morning and falls out of bed. It begins to rain. A minor earthquake causes her mirror to fall and break. Outside her window are Squatt & Jyuken. He reports back to Rita & Nyanma. She orders Finster & Rouran to send a monster And A Time Shifter to make Kimberly's day worse. Samurai Fan Man & Monk (Time Shifter) appears on Earth.

A soaked Kimberly arrives at school that same morning. Her umbrella is broken and she's very irritated. Tommy & Bakumaru & The Others greets her and Kim explains that she has to show Caplan her pep rally plans in a few minutes while looking like a mess. She opens her binder to see her outline paper covered in mud. Bulk and Skull come to tease Kimberly, but Tommy & Bakumaru tosses Bulk onto the slippery floor and into a fallen over mop bucket. Tommy & Pooh And The Others offers to walk Kimberly home after school.

Tommy & The Others and Kimberly are ambushed after school by Samurai Fan Man & Monk-con The monster sucks Kimberly into his giant jar, and then hurts Tommy before disappearing. Kimberly is sucked into a dimension within the jar.

Zordon & Aura alerts the others and teleports a hurt Tommy to the Command Center to heal. Zordon & Aura says that the dimension inside the jar will vanish soon. Pooh And The Others & The 12 Warriors & The remaining four Rangers morph and go to fight Monk, Goldar and Samurai Fan Man. The monster uses his fan to send Our Heroes the Rangers into another dimension, but Alpha changes their course and brings them back to the Command Center.

Our Heroes & The Rangers return to face the Samurai Fan Man And Monk Con at the Putty Bowl Restaurant, an outdoor restaurant with putties as waiters. Goldar, Monk and the monster are turned into giants. Four of the Dinozords & Kirinda are summoned. Without Kimberly, they can't make Megazord. Tommy & Orbit joins the others even though he's suffering from a migraine, but he's furious and wants revenge on Goldar, Monk-Con, and the Fan Man. Dragonzord Battle Mode is formed. The battle continues to go poorly with the Dragonzord Batlte Mode only being able to cause the Fan Man & Monk-Con to lose his balance briefly, with the battle resembling the early stages of the Megazord's battle against the Frankenstein Monster. Before things could get ugly, they summoned the power staff. The Power Staff's finishing move is unable to harm the Fan Man, but it did break Samurai Fan Man's jar. While the Fan Man fought the Dragonzord Battle Mode, Goldar fought the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Kimberly is freed and she morphs. The Fan Man then uses his Samurai Lance to overpower the Dragonzord Battle Mode And Requiring The Help Of Orbit-Master, Eldora-Master & Bubblegum-Master and force it to retreat. She calls on her zord and the Megazord is formed, breaking his lance in a stroke of luck before the Megazord and Dragonzord are blown away by the fan. Ultrazord is finally able to be used to kill Samurai Fan Man & Bringing The Time Shifter Back To Normal. Goldar & Gen'En teleports away.

At Billy's garage, Kimberly meets the others. They watch the television report about the Power Rangers' battle. When Kimberly tries to up the volume with the remote control, the television blows up. Everyone laughs.


Our Story Begins In Kimberly's House

The Alarm Clocks Sounds

Kimberly Wakes Up

Instead To Snooze The Alarm Breaks The Lamp

And Falls Of The Bed

Kimberly Checks His Mirror

Open His Window And Appears A Sunny Day Instead Of A Rainy Storm

Kimberly: Weird Open His Locker And Found His Clothes Burned

Kimberly: Im Going To The Bed

And Then An Earthquake Appears

And Breaks The Mirror

Kimberly: Oh No 7 Years Of Bad Luck

And The Shadows Of Squatt & Jyuken Appears

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Jyuken: It's The Perfect Time To Get Kimberly Our Evilness She's Having A Terrible Day

Nyanma: Great Perfect

Rita: Finster, Rouran Make Us A Monster And Send Another Time Shifter To Get Kimberly

Rouran: You Got It

Finster: We Shall Make You One Of The Meanest Monsters And The Most Sneakiest Of The Time Shifters You Ever Seen

Rouran: Not Those Little Things Those Are A Real Bruisers

Nyanma: Oh Goody And So What His Specialty

Rouran: Well The Name Of This Brute We Call It The Samurai Fan Man And For The Shifter He's An Expert Fighter And A Weapon Stelar And Has The Same Name That One Of The Monkey Twerp Of The ETO Rangers. Monk

Rita: So What Are You Wating For

Finster: One Samurai Fan Man And Monk Coming Up Rouran Activate The Monstermatic

Rouran: You Got It Finster

Rouran Activates The Monstermatic And The Samurai Fan Man And The Shifter Monk Appears On Earth

Monk: The Victory Will Be Sweet

Meanwhile In Bakumaru's House

Bakumaru Yawns

Bakumaru: The Weather's Nice Then It's The Time To Get Up

Bakumaru: What's Is This

Bakumaru: L... Lip Stick Kisses?!

Bakumaru: Oh Great

Bindi Laughs


Bindi: Oh Oh Im In Big Trouble!

Bakumaru: WAIT!

Bakumaru Chases Bindi

Bakumaru Crashes With The Door

Bakumaru: Ouch

Bakumaru: It Can Be Forgiven For You Bindi

Bakumaru: You Think You Can Run Away From Me So Easy?

Bakumaru: I Don't Think So

Bakumaru: You Wait! Stop Running Away!

Bakumaru: Stop Right There

Bakumaru: BINDI!

Souffle: Good Morning

Nyorori: Let's Work In High School Nyorori

Tigger: Say What Is Bakumaru Doing?

Dave Felis: Always Has The Same Trouble


Bakumaru: I'm Going To Totally Fosilize Bindi And Turn Her A Fried Egg!

Souffle: Stop It Bakumaru!

Bakumaru Stops

Souffle: If You Do That I'd Feel So Bad For The Poor Bindi

Bakumaru: But She Begins To Kiss Me And Leave Her Lipstick Marks On My Face

Pooh: Bakumaru You Should Clean Up You Room & Your House Properly

Bakumaru: How Is That Relevant Pooh Bear

Bakumaru Accidently Looks Bindi

Bindi: Goodbye Baku

Bindi Starts To Kiss Him On The Lips

Bakumaru: YUCK!

Bindi: Gotta Go!

Bakumaru Growls With Fury

Bindi Teleports To The Command Center

Bakumaru Almost Catch Her


Souffle: If You Harrass Poor Time Shifters you'll Recieve Divine Punishment For Certain

Bakumaru: Divine Punishment? There's No Such Thing As The Divine Punishment

Bakumaru: That's Just Only A Dumb Superstition I Dare The Divine-Whatever To Punish Me Right Now!

Souffle: Bakumaru If You Said That

Nyorori: Divine Punishment & Bad Luck Hmmm What Happens If Kimberly Has A Bad Hair Day Nyorori

Meanwhile At Angel Grove's High School

Bakumaru: I Have To Recognized She Has A Bad Day

Nyorori: That Only Happens If Brokes A Mirror

Uri: A Mirror

Nyorori: A Broken Mirror Bring 7 Years Of Bad Luck Nyorori

Pochiro: That's Only Happens In The Friday 13th

Tommy: Kimberly

Kim: Oh No The Guys

Kim: Guys

Tommy: Little Wet Around Here

Kim: A Wet Actually A Total Rack

Kim: Can Actually Show Mr Caplan's Pep Rally Plans In 10 Minutes

Shows The Results

Kim: Oh No This Is Like A Drawning Like When I Was 3 Years

Cream: Hey It Will Be Okay

Bulk & Skull Appears

Kim: Oh No

Pochiro: Medieval Buffoons At 3:00 At Clock

Skull:Guess Why Do You Cancel Our Date Because You Are Going To Your House And Wash Your Hair

Kim: I Never Make A Date With You Goon

Skull: I Think I'm Hurt

Tart: Why You Banana Brains Don't You Ever Quit

Bulk: Oh I Can Wash My Hair And I Can't Do It With It

Bakumaru: Back Off Slimeball

Bulk: Make Me

Pakaracchi Drops The Water Bucket

Pakaracchi: Sorry My Bad

Pakaracchi Winks The Eye To Baku & Tommy

Bakumaru: We Will

Bulk: Oh Yeah

Tommy: Yeah

Bulk Almost Punch Tommy & Baku

And Drops Them To The Bucket

Bakumaru: Bon Voyage!

Skull: Head Right There Bulky

Tommy: You Know Bulk & Skull Should Get Their Own TV Show

Tart: If Those Two Can Quit The Stupidity On Their Trashcan Brains

Tommy: Hey How About A Walk After School

Meanwhile In The Park

Kimberly: It All Started Tonight When I Was Dreaming As Rita As My Wicked Stepmother And Nyanma As My Evil Stepsister

Bakumaru: UGH! Now That's Scary!

Kimberly: You Said It

The Fight

Monk: You Think You're Sorry Now Just Wait Right Fan Man

Samurai Fan Man: Right!

Samurai Fan Man: You Can Escape From The Fan Man

Monk: Yay Fan Man

Samurai Fan Man: Now Monk Your Turn Destroy Those Pests

Monk: With Pleasure

Monk Begin To Fight Pooh And The Others And The ETO Rangers

Monk ETO: Great Now A Time Shifter That Uses My Own Name

And The Samurai Fan Man And Monk Begins To Trap Kimberly

Kimberly In The Jar

Kimberly: Tommy, Bakumaru, Guys

Cream: Oh No Tommy

Dave Felis: I Think We Should Regroup

Bakumaru On ETO Badge: Zordon, Princess Aura, Rita & Nyanma Have Unleashed A New Monster And Another Time Shifter In Town And They Got Kimberly Now Tommy Is Injured In The Fight Get To The Others On The Command Center Quickly

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

They Are Practicing And Then The Communicator Sounds

Jason: What's Wrong Princess

Aura: One Of Rita & Nyanma's Evil Monsters And Also One Of The Time Shifters Have Captured Kimberly In The Park Tommy Was Injured But Bakumaru And The Rest Still Alive While Attempting Them To Rescue Her

Jason: We're Gonna Teleport To The Command Center Right Away

They Begin To Teleport To The Command Center

Jason: Zordon, Princess Where's Tommy

Zordon: We're Teleporting To From The Park Right Now

Tommy Appears

Orbit Gasps

The Fight Scene

Aura: Be Careful The Fan Man Is An Expert In Setting Traps And Monk Is Expert Samurai And A Weapon Stealer And They Will Trap You

Bakumaru: Don't Worry Princess Aura, Ready!

Jason: It's MORPHIN' Time

The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

The Rangers Appears

Monk: So Ready For Round 2

Bakumaru: Shut Up And Fight

Monk: Monk Shapeshift To MONK-CON!

They Begin To Fight

The Battle Scene

Rita & Nyanma: Magic Wands Make Our Monsters Grow

Rita & Nyanma Launches The Magic Wands To Make Goldar, Gen'En, Monk-Con, And The Fan Man To Grow

Dave Felis: Oh Boy! Now We Have Big Trouble

Jason: Let's Powered Up The Zords



The ETO Rangers Uses His Badges To Make To Call The Zords And Kirinda

Jason: Log On

Zack: WOOOH! Let's Rock N' Roll

Trini: All Right Let's Save Kimberly

Billy: Triceratops Armed And Ready

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers Forward!

They Begin To Battle

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Tommy Awakes

Tommy: Man What A Terrible Giant Headache

Bakumaru On Communicator: Tommy Can You Hear Us We Need You And Orbit Now

Tommy: Hang On Baku

Alpha: No Tommy You Are Really Hurt

Tommy: No Way

Orbit: He's Right Our Friends Are In Big Danger

Tommy: I'm Morphin Now Let's Go Orbit

Orbit: Okay

The MMPR Logo Appears

Tommy: Dragonzord!

Tommy: All Right

Jason: Tommy, Orbit All Right

Bakumaru: Quick Orbit Now It's Your Only Chance

Tommy: You Heard Him Go

Orbit: Okay, Don't Worry Guys The Help Is Comming

Orbit: Orbit Shapeshift To ORBIT-MASTER! Sayonara Monk-Con!

Tommy Plays The Flute To Call The Dragonzord

Jason: Dragonzord Fighting Mode!

The Dragonzord And The Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, And Mastodon Dinozord Begin To Form The Dragonzord Fighting Mode

Jason: Let's Save Kimberly

The Fight Continues

Monk-Con: Oh No The Jar Now We're Really In Hot Water Now

The MMPR Logo Appears

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Kimberly: All Right I Need Dinozord Power NOW!

The Pterodactyl Dinozord Appears

Souffle: Welcome Back Kim

Kimberly: Thanks Now Let's Get Rid Of Those Guys

Samurai Fan Man: One Samurai Is Not Going To The Next Galaxy

Monk-Con: I'm With You Buddy Now I'm Really MAD!

Jason: Time To Change Mode

Jason: Rangers Power Up Your Crystals

Jason Puts The Crystal

All: 2-1 Power Up

Jason: Time For Ultrazord Mode

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Jason: All Right We Need The Power Sword

The Sword Appears

And The Fight Continues

Dave Felis: Hey Bakumaru It's Time For BIG Help

Bakumaru: Okay

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Eldora, Bubblegum

The Eggs Of Eldora And Bubblegum Appears And Transforms Into Eldora And Bubblegum

Bubblegum: It's Showtime!

Eldora: You Got It

Eldora: So You Wanna Play Rough Do You Fan Man

Eldora: Eldora Shapeshift To ELDORA-MASTER!

Bubblegum: Bubblegum Shapeshift To BUBBLEGUM-MASTER!

Jason: I Calling The Power Of The Ultrazord

Titanus Appears

And They Begin To Form The Ultrazord

Jason: Fire All Weapons

They Begin To Shoot At The Fan Man

And The Fan Man Explodes

Monk-Con: I'm Going To Avenge The Fan Man

Eldora.m: Oh No You Don't

Eldora.m: Ready Baku

Bakumaru: You Got It

Eldora: Shiny Gold Blinding Beam!

Eldora Begins To Flash Him

Bakumaru: Your Turn Bubblegum Disarm Him!

Bubblegum Begins To Shoot Monk-Con's Weapons

Bakumaru: Finally My Turn!

Bakumaru Holds The Revealing Mirror


The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser On Monk-Con's Head And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Erased

Everyone Cheers

Gen'En: Will Get You For This Power Rangers

Goldar & Gen'En Disappears


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