Calling All Rangers is the third episode of the first season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With the world in a greater threat, It's up to the Harmony Force Rangers to team up with the Galaxy Rangers, the Lightspeed Rangers, the Time Force Rangers, the Wild Force Rangers, the Ninja Rangers, the Dino Rangers and the Disney Force Rangers to stop Nightmare Moon and her gang from joining forces with Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax to take over the world.

Nightmare Moon's reinforcements

One day, At the Evil Lair, Nightmare Moon was brought report from Tirek and found Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax and made a deal about helping each other's revenge and they excepted.

Recruiting the Harmony Force Rangers/Meeting groups of Power Rangers

Meanwhile at Canterlot High, Twilight watched as Shining Armor coached Flash Sentry for Football practice. Then, Carter Grayson the Red Lightspeed Ranger came and recruited Twilight and her friends and Flash and Shining Armor discovered that they were the Harmony Force Rangers and asked to join in the mission. Later, They meet at Animarium and they meet up with Ransik and his Company and Sunset Shimmer and Cadance and they meet the rest of the Lightspeed Power Rangers, Chad Lee, Joel Rawlings, Kelsey Winslow, Dr. Dana, and Ryan and Captain William Mitchell and they meet the Galaxy Rangers, the Time Force Rangers and Circuit, Princess Shayla and the Wild Force Rangers, Sensei Kanoi Watanabe and the Ninja Rangers, the Dino Rangers including Tommy Oliver and the Disney Force Rangers and Mickey Mouse explained that Nightmare Moon and her gang has joined forces with Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax. So, the Rangers excepted this task to stop Nightmare Moon and Company and defeat Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax.

Nightmare Moon begins her plot/The Rangers make their move

Meanwhile, Nightmare Moon and her gang along with Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax are making their evil plan to rule the world. Then, The Harmony Force Rangers, Galaxy Rangers, Lightspeed Rangers, Time Force Rangers, Wild Force Rangers, Ninja Rangers, Dino Rangers and Disney Force Rangers begin their moves to stop them.

Help came from Ransik and Company/The Rangers fight

Then, Ransik and his Company came to the rescue as they help the innocent people from getting inured. So, The Power Rangers begin fighting Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax as Nightmare Moon and her gang escaped for their lives.

The Power Rangers saved the day

Later that day, Ransik had given some dept of gratitude to the Galaxy Rangers, the Lightspeed Rangers, the Time Force Rangers, the Wild Force Rangers, the Ninja Rangers, the Dino Rangers and the Disney Force Rangers for helping the Harmony Force Rangers in their time of needs and made Flash Sentry and Shining Armor supporters to the Power Rangers.


Harmony Force Rangers

Color Name
Magic Harmony Force Ranger Twilight Sparkle
Loyalty Harmony Force Ranger Rainbow Dash
Laughter Harmony Force Ranger Pinkie Pie
Generosity Harmony Force Ranger Rarity
Honesty Harmony Force Ranger Applejack
Kindness Harmony Force Ranger Fluttershy

Disney Force Rangers

Color Role
Red Disney Force Ranger Mickey Mouse
Black Disney Force Ranger Goofy
Blue Disney Force Ranger Donald Duck
Yellow Disney Force Ranger Daisy Duck
Pink Disney Force Ranger Minnie Mouse
Green Disney Force Ranger Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Galaxy Rangers

Galaxy Rangers 2



Galaxy Red Ranger Leo Corbett
Galaxy Green Ranger Damon Henderson
Galaxy Blue Ranger Kai Chen
Galaxy Yellow Ranger Maya
Galaxy Pink Ranger Kendrix Morgan
Magna Defender Mike Corbett

Lightspeed Rangers

Lightspeed Rangers 2
Color Name
Lightspeed Red Ranger Carter Grayson
Lightspeed Blue Ranger Chad Lee
Lightspeed Green Ranger Joel Rawlings
Lightspeed Yellow Ranger Kelsey Winslow
Lightspeed Pink Ranger Dana Mitchell
Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell

Time Force Rangers

Time Force Rangers 2



Time Force Red Ranger Wesley Collins
Time Force Pink Ranger Jennifer Scotts
Time Force Blue Ranger Lucas Kendall
Time Force Yellow Ranger Katie Walker
Time Force Green Ranger Trip Regis
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers

Wild Force Rangers

Wild Force Rangers 2
Color Role
Wild Force Red Ranger Cole Evans
Wild Force Yellow Ranger Taylor Earhardt
Wild Force Blue Ranger Max Cooper
Wild Force Black Ranger Danny Delgado
Wild Force White Ranger Alyssa Enrilé
Wild Force Lunar Ranger Merrick Baliton

Ninja Rangers

Ninja Rangers 3
Color Role
Red Ninja Storm Ranger Shane Clarke
Blue Ninja Storm Ranger Tori Hanson
Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger Dustin Brooks
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Orange Ninja Storm Ranger Marah
Pink Ninja Storm Ranger Kapri
Black Ninja Storm Ranger Eric McKnight

Dino Rangers

Dino Rangers 2
Color Role
Dino Thunder Red Ranger Conner McKnight
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger Ethan James
Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger Kira Ford
Dino Thunder Black Ranger Tommy Oliver
Dino Thunder Crimson Ranger Katherine Hillard
Dino Thunder White Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer


  • Ransik
  • Villamax
  • Diabolico
  • Zen-Aku
  • Itassis
  • Deker


  • Nadira
  • Kegler
  • Loki
  • Jindrax and Toxica
  • Matoombo
  • Norg
  • Dahlia
  • Captain William Mitchell
  • Circuit
  • Princess Shayla
  • Sensei Kanoi Watanabe


  • Principal Celestia
  • Vice Principal Luna
  • Shining Armor
  • Dean Cadance
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Flash Sentry
  • Derpy


  • Nightmare Moon
  • Sombra
  • Chrysalis
  • Ahuizotl
  • Tirek
  • The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk
  • Dark Princess Matter
  • Flim and Flam
  • Daviot
  • Vypra
  • Frax
  • Onikage
  • Vexacus
  • Zeltrax



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