Here is the transcript for Calling All Rangers.

Narrator: Our Planet Earth is a peaceful world where Friendship and Harmony was brought, Until Nightmare Moon appears and plans to take over. But then, Ransik gathers Twilight Sparkle and her friends to form a new group of heroes to fight against Nightmare Moon. They are Power Rangers Harmony Force.

One dark day at Nightmare Moon's Lair.

Nightmare Moon: Ah, Tirek. What news do you bring?

Tirek: We have visitors, My queen.

Nightmare Moon: Send them in.

Tirek: Yes, Your highness.

Then, Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax stepped forward.

Daviot: Nightmare Moon! (bows respectively)

Vypra: I am Vypra, Princess of all Demons and these are Daviot, Frax, Onigake, Vexacus and Zeltrax and we have come to serve you, Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon: Please to meet you.

Tirek: Tell us why're you all here.

Vexacus: So seek revenge against the Power Rangers we fought long ago.

Zeltrax: And we heard tell that you would help us with our revenge.

Nightmare Moon: Maybe we can help each other, Soon the Rangers will be destroyed.

The villains evilly laughed.

Meanwhile at the Canterlot High Football Field.

Shining Armor: Alright, Flash! Go! (blows his whistle)

Spike: Look at them go, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: I know, Spike, I'll bet he'll do great at Football, Go, Flash Sentry!

Flash Sentry: (made the best kick to score) Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: Way to go, Flash!

Flash Sentry: So, How'd I do?

Twilight Sparkle: You did great, Flash.

Just then, Carter Grayson arrived on his truck.

Carter Grayson: Excuse me. Are you Twilight Sparkle, Magic Harmony Force Ranger?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes?

Shining Armor: Who're you?

Carter Grayson: Name's Carter Grayson, Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger. I've come to recruit you and your friends on an important mission, The entire world is at stake.

Flash Sentry: Wait a minute. Twilight, You and your friends are Power Rangers?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, I'll explain in a minute. Carter, Where do we meet?

Carter Grayson: Come with me, Your brother and one of your friends can come along too.

Shining Armor: Alright, We're in.

Later, They meet at the Animarium.

Fluttershy: Oh my, It's so beautiful.

Carter Grayson: This is the Animarium, Home base of the Wild Force Rangers, This is where we'll meet the others.

Flash Sentry: You mean there're more Power Rangers besides the Harmony Force Rangers?

Carter Grayson: Yes, These are my friends and the rest of the Lightspeed Rangers, Chad Lee, Blue Ranger.

Chad Lee: How's it goin?

Carter Grayson: Joel Rawlings, Green Ranger.

Joel Rawlings: How do you do?

Carter Grayson: Kelsey Winslow, Yellow Ranger.

Kelsey Winslow: Hello there.

Carter Grayson: Dr. Dana Mitchell, Pink Ranger.

Dana Mitchell: Hi.

Carter Grayson: And her brother, Ryan, The Titanium Ranger.

Ryan Mitchell: And this is Mine and Dana's father, Captain William Mitchell.

Rarity: Charmed I'm sure.

Captain William Mitchell: I'm glad to finally meet the Six of you, There are groups of Power Rangers I like you to meet.

Rainbow Dash: So, There are more groups of Power Rangers like us.

Captain William Mitchell: These are the Galaxy Rangers from Terra Venture on the Planet Mirinoi.

Leo Corbett: I'm Leo Corbett, Galaxy Red Ranger. And these are my friends, Damon Henderson, Green Ranger.

Damon Henderson: Nice to meet you.

Leo Corbett: Kai Chen, Blue Ranger.

Kai Chen: Hello there.

Leo Corbett: Maya, Yellow Ranger.

Maya: Nice to meet you girls.

Leo Corbett: Kendrix Morgan, Pink Ranger.

Kendrix Morgan: Hi.

Leo Corbett: And my brother Mike, The Magna Defender.

Mike Corbett: Glad to meet you six.

Pinkie Pie: Hi.

Captain William Mitchell: And these are the Time Force Rangers, Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger and his Partner, Eric Myers, Quantum Ranger, Wes and Eric are leaders of the Silver Guardians.

Wesley Collins: And these are our friends from the Future in the 3000's, Jen Scotts, Pink Ranger.

Jennifer Scotts: Hello there.

Wesley Collins: Trip, Green Ranger.

Trip Regis: What's up?

Wesley Collins: Lucas Kendall, Blue Ranger.

Lucas Kendall: Please to meet you.

Wesley Collins: And Katie Walker, Yellow Ranger.

Katie Walker: Nice to meet you gals.

Eric Myers: And this is Circuit.

Circuit: Glad to meet you six.

Applejack: Golly, Rangers from the future, You don't see that everyday.

Then, Princess Shayla magically appears out of the Sacred Water.

Princess Shayla: Greetings, Friends, I'm Princess Shayla and these are the Wild Force Rangers, Cole Evens, Taylor Earhardt, Max Cooper, Danny Delgado, Alyssa Enrilé and Merrick Baliton.

Cole Evens: We're glad to meet you girls.

Taylor Earhardt: Good to meet you six.

Max Cooper: Hey there.

Danny Delgado: Hi.

Alyssa Enrilé: Hello.

Merrick Baliton: Friends of the other rangers are friends of ours.

Sensei Kanoi Watanabe: I am Kanoi Watanabe, Sensei of the Ninja Rangers, These are the Wind Ninja Masters. Shane Clarke, Tori Hanson and Dustin Brooks, They are the Wind Rangers.

Flash Sentry: Nice to meet you three.

Shane Clarke: Please to meet you guys too.

Tori Hanson: Hello there.

Dustin Brooks: What's up, Dudes?

Sensei Kanoi Watanabe: And these are the Thunder Rangers, Hunter Bradley, Thunder Ninja Master and his adopted brother, Blake.

Hunter Bradley: Hello.

Balke Bradley: Hey.

Sensei Kanoi Watanabe: And this is my son, Cameron, The Samurai Master and Green Samurai Ranger.

Cameron Watanabe: You can just call me "Cam" for short and these are my cousins, Marah and Kapri, They're the new Orange and Pink Wind Rangers.

Marah: Hi.

Kapri: Charmed.

Pinkie Pie: Oh! Pink is my color!

Kapri: Mine too!

Eric McKnight: I'm Eric McKnight, The Black Ranger of the team.

Cameron Watanabe: And this is Dr. Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard and their students, Conner McKnight, Ethan James, Kira Ford and Trent Fernandez-Mercer, They're known as the Dino Rangers.

Tommy Oliver: We're please to meet the six of you in person.

Katherine Hillard: And thank you for coming in such short notice.

Rarity: Please to make your acquaintances.

Conner McKnight: Pleasure's all ours.

Ethan James: Glad to meet you all.

Kira Ford: Hi.

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: We're glad to meet you three. Elsa and my dad has told me a lot about you all.

Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Guys, Look who's here!

Mickey Mouse: Hi there, Everybody.

Minnie Mouse: Wonderful to see you girls again.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Long time no see.

Twilight Sparkle: It's Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and Oswald.

Goofy: Y'up, We're glad to see you all again.

Donald Duck: Just like old times.

Daisy Duck: It sure was, Donald.

Mickey Mouse: That's right and we are the Disney Force Power Rangers.

Fluttershy: Oh my.

Then, The Sacred Water shows the danger in the city around Canterlot High.

Ransik: There's trouble ahead!

Twilight Sparkle: Who are these guys with Nightmare Moon and the others?

Tommy Oliver: Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax. They must have joined forces with her.

Twilight Sparkle: We have to stop them.

Rainbow Dash: So, What're we waiting for, Let's do it!

Donald Duck: My thoughts exactly!

Goofy: I wish Maxie was here to see this.

Meanwhile, Nightmare Moon is going to put her plan into action.

Nightmare Moon: Soon, The Rangers won't even know what hit them.

King Sombra: We'll take over this city!

Tirek: And this time, No one is going to stop us!

Frax: We'll be rid of the Rangers for sure!

Nightmare Moon: No one can stop us.

Twilight Sparkle: Hold it right there, Nightmare Moon!

Nightmare Moon: Well, well, well. Look do we have here?

Applejack: That's right!

Mickey Mouse: And we came to stop you!

Daisy Duck: So, Give up, Nightmare Moon!

King Sombra: Do you think you're a match for us?

Sunset Shimmer: Yes, The Power Rangers will always win!

Ahuizotl: We shall see! Stingwingers! Ghouls! Batlings! Cyclobots! Putrids! Kelzaks! Tyrannodrones! Attack!

So, The Rangers fought the evil armies.

Ransik: (in Buzz Lightyear's voice) Hold it right there.

Flash Sentry: Your days are over, Frax!

Frax: Do you really think your little alliance is enough to stop me!

Ransik: No, But the Rangers are!

Shining Armor: Cadance, You knew about this?

Dean Cadance: Yes, We took an oath not to reveal their secret identities.

Shining Armor: Then, Flash and I will keep that oath. For Twilight and her friends.

Frax: How touching, Too bad we'll have to put an end to you all.

Nightmare Moon: We're outta here. (she and her gang teleported out of here)

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, Mickey, You lead the way!

Mickey Mouse: Alright. It's Morphin Time!

Mickey and the gang: Disney Force Ranger Power!

They Morph into their Ranger Forms.

Mickey Mouse: Disney Force Red!

Goofy: Disney Force Black!

Donald Duck: Disney Force Blue!

Daisy Duck: Disney Force Yellow!

Minnie Mouse: Disney Force Pink!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Disney Force Green!

Altogether: Power Rangers Disney Force!

The Disney Force Symbol appears

Galaxy Rangers: Go Galactic!

Mike Corbett: Magna Power!

They Galaxy Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Leo Corbett: Galaxy Red!

Damon Henderson: Galaxy Green!

Kai Chen: Galaxy Blue!

Maya: Galaxy Yellow!

Kendrix Morgan: Galaxy Pink!

Mike Corbett: Magna Defender!

Altogether: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy!

The Lost Galaxy Symbol appears.

Lightspeed Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue!

Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Power!

The Lightspeed Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Carter Grayson: Red Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Chad Lee: Blue Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Joel Rawlings: Green Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Kelsey Winslow: Yellow Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Dana Mitchell: Pink Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Altogether: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

The Ligtspeed Rescue Symbol appears.

Time Force Rangers: Time For Time Force!

Eric Myers: Quantum Power!

The Time Force Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Wesley Collins: Time Force Red!

Jennifer Scotts: Time Force Pink!

Lucas Kendall: Time Force Blue!

Katie Walker: Time Force Yellow!

Trip Regis: Time Force Green!

Eric Myers: Quantum Ranger!

All Together: Power Rangers Time Force!

The Time Force Symbol appears.

Wild Force Rangers: Wild Access!

The Wild Force Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Cole Evens: Blazing Lion!

Taylor Earhardt: Soaring Eagle!

Max Cooper: Surging Shark!

Danny Delgado: Iron Bison!

Alyssa Enrilé: Noble Tiger!

Merrick Baliton: Howling Wolf!

Cole Evens: Guardians of the Earth! United We Roar!

Wild Force Rangers Altogether: Power Rangers Wild Force!

The Wild Force Symbol appears.

Wind Rangers: Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!

Thunder Rangers: Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!

Cameron Watanabe: Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!

Altogether: Ha!

The morphing sequence begins.

Shane Clarke: Power of Air!

Tori Hanson: Power of Water!

Dustin Brooks: Power of Earth!

Hunter Bradley: Power of Crimson Thunder!

Blake Bradley: Power of Navy Thunder!

Cameron Watanabe: Green Samurai Power!

Marah: Power of Mist!

Kapri: Power of Sky!

Eric McKnight: Power of Fire!

All Together: Power Ranger Ninja Storm!

The Ninja Storm Symbol appears.

Dino Rangers: Dino Thunder, Power Up!

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: White Ranger, Dino Power!

Altogether: Ha!

The Dino Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Conner McKnight: Tyranno Power, Red Ranger!

Ethan James: Tricera Power, Blue Ranger!

Kira Ford: Ptera Power, Yellow Ranger!

Tommy Oliver: Brachio Power, Black Ranger!

Katherine Hillard: Stego Power, Crimson Ranger!

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: Drago Power, White Ranger!

Altogether: Power Rangers Dino Thunder!

The Dino Thunder Symbol appears.

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, Girls, Let's do it!

Harmony Force Rangers: Harmony, Full Power!

The Harmony Force Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Twilight Sparkle: Magic!

Applejack: Honesty!

Fluttershy: Kindness!

Pinkie Pie: Laughter!

Rarity: Generosity!

Rainbow Dash: Loyalty!

Altogether: Harmony Begin, Our Power Within! Power Rangers Harmony Force!

And the Harmony Force Symbol appeared followed by the color of smoke behind the Power Rangers. So, The Power Rangers begin their fight against Daviot, Vypra, Frax, Onikage, Vexacus and Zeltrax.

Kapri: Heads up, Pinkie!

Pinkie Pie: (ducks as Kapri does her round kick at Vexacus)

Alyssa Enrilé: Go for it, Rarity!

Rarity: (swings her staff at Onikage)

The Power Rangers finished them off with their combined weapons.

Twilight Sparkle: Harmony Wins, Evil Loses!

Dean Cadance: Alright!

Spike: We did it.

Ransik: You and your team have done well, Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Thanks, Ransik, You didn't do so bad yourself.

After the victory of the Power Rangers.

Ransik: Well done, Rangers. The world is saved thanks to all of you.

Captain William Mitchell: The world will always remember the heroism you've succeeded.

Princess Shayla: And were able to keep the earth safe from evil hands.

Sensei Kanoi Watanabe: And overcome all of that is impossible.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: We sure did great working together.

Ransik: Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, Because you've gave your word to keep the secret of the Power Rangers safe, You two are now supporters of the Harmony Force Rangers.

Shining Armor: Alright!

Flash Sentry: That's sounds great!

Sunset Shimmer: Isn't this great, Twilight!?

Twilight Sparkle: It sure is, Sunset, Thanks for all your help, Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Gee, Twilight, It was nothing.

Donald Duck: All in a days work.

Ransik: Let's go out for a soda, I'm buying!

Loki: That's what I'm talking about!

                                                                                       The End

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