Here's how the canyon chase goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle Meet Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

[We view our heroes, Spirit and Little Creek at a river]

Spirit: [wakes up and sees a pile of apples]

Rodger: What up with these apples?

Shai-Shay: I don't know.

Applejack: Don't look at me, Ah' didn't put em' ther'. [to Braeburn] Did you?

Braeburn: No, it wasn't me.

Applejack: Big Mac?

Big McIntosh: Nnope.

Spirit: [notices Little Creek]

Stephen: It's Little Creek.

Spirit: I don't know where he came from, and how he got here. But I sure was happy to see him.

[Little Creek is drinking water, then Spirit sneaks up and head butts him in the water]

Little Creek: AH!


Spirit: [neighing]

Little Creek: (laughs) [splashes water] Who!

Spirit: [jumps in]

[They get out]

Spongebob: Little Creek was the one that saved us on that night.

Thomas: Good thing, we could've been cooked.

[Little Creek starts chasing Spirit around then stops]

Little Creek: I knew I would find you.

Spirit: [walks up to him]

Men: HALT!

Spongebob: AAAAH!!!! IT'S THE COLONEL!!

Victor: Gacendio, cilates!

Luke: Oh, my!

[We view the Colonel]

Colonel: I don't believe it.

[Jake hops onto Steamy's tender]

Spirit: [gets scared]

Little Creek: Go, go, go, run!

Spirit: [takes off]

Little Creek: Run!


Chomper: Get in! GET IN!!

Spongebob: Patrick, run!

Patrick: No, I'm tired of running. If we run now, we better...



Spongebob: AAH!! [starts running]

Little Creek: [starts running] [then falls]

Babs Seed: Wait stop! Little Creek fell behind!

Spirit: [looks back]

Splinter: We can't leave him here!

Spirit: [runs and grabs Little Creek]

Little Creek: [laughs] Ya-hoo! [gunshots]

Timber: GO, GO, GO!! [opens the regulator]

Evan: Try and catch us ya damn savages! [whistles]

[as they race off, AJ, the Crusaders, Babs, Big Mac, Braeburn, Spongebob, and Patrick jump onboard Steamy]

[Some of the groups men split up as they arrive at the canyon]

(as the chase goes, on The Beavers draw fire back at their pursuers)

Little Creek: [picks up a log and puts in between 2 rocks and the man hits it]

Pinkie: Strike 1!

Applejack: [takes out her coachgun and covers from the left side of the cab]

[Then another man appeared]

Evan: Heads up!

Rattlesnake Jake: [ducks]

Little Creek: [jumps over the rock and back on Spirit]

Man of the Colonel: [hits the rock and is leaning to the side]

Applejack: [aims her coachgun at the man]

Man of the Colonel: Whoa!

Applejack: [shoots him off his horse]

Pinkie: Strike 2!

[another man appeared]

Shai-Shay: Sharp curve dead ahead!

Spirit: [stops]

Little Creek: [grabs on]

[the engines hit the curve too hard and start leaning on their right side while moving froward]

Stephen: Whoa-aa-aa-aa-aa!!

Ben: WHOA!! Help!

Rarity: [is dangling from James' cab and she looks down] AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Fluttershy: Get back down! Get back down! Get back down!

Kevin: Creek, on your left!

Calvary man: Get off! [shoves Little Creek]

[Little Creek tumbles off but grabs Spirit's mane and jumps back up and kicks the Calvary man in the face]

Pinkie: Strike 3!

Percy: And they're out!

[the engine to land back on the ground]

[Then they arrive at a dead end]


[then the Colonel and 2 men start coming up]

Rarity: [screams]

Henry: That way! Up that ledge!

[They did]

[the Colonel and his men come up]

Man #1: Who, who! Where did they go?

Man #2: There they are, up there!

Spongebob: [in Ash's voice] Hurry!

[they come to the top but find nowhere to go]

[they look over each side of the ledge and find no way of escaping]

Pinkie: The Colonel and his men have us trapped!

Applejack: What are we gonna do y'all?

Rarity: For all the worst things that could happen... this is.. THE... WORST... POSSIBLE... THING!!! What? I really mean it this time!