This is how Captured goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime: The Movie.

Rarity: Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Rarity. What happened?

Rarity: I don't know.

Bumblebee: All I remember was stopping the Decepticons from bringing a meteor made entirely out of Dark Energon to Equestria and falling back down here.

Rarity: I might be able to disable those restraints. Hold still.

[Rarity disables the restrainments]

Bumblebee: Thanks.

Rarity: No problem.

Bumblebee: Decepticons. Stay behind me, Rarity. I'll protect you.

Rarity: Thanks.

Bumblebee: Anything for you beautiful.

Rarity: Aw.

Vehicon Car #1: The Autobot scout and his pet Unicorn.

Rarity: I'm not a pet!

Vehicon Car #2: Give us the Unicorn, Autobot scout.

Bumblebee: You want her, then you're gonna have to go through me.

Vehicon Car #3: Okay, then.

[after Bumblebee defeats Knock Out]

Rarity: Put me down you ruffian!

Vehicon: Knock Out, I have captured Bumblebe's Unicorn partner, Rarity.

Knock Out: Excellent. Bring her to the warship immediately.

Vehicon: Yes sir.

Bumblebee: Let her go!

Vehicon: Or you'll what?

[Bumblebee aims his arm cannons]

Vehicon: Ha ha ha ha. You going to shoot me while I'm holding your beautiful partner?

Gaia Everfree: [arrives] He won't. But I will.

[Vehicon Cars and more Vehicon Jets arrive, giving the Vehicon Jet with Rarity enough time to transform and escape]

Rarity: Bumblebee!

[Bee hears her]

Bumblebee: Rarity!

Vehicon Car Leader: After him. We have to make sure the Unicorn gets to the Warship.


Knock Out: The bearer of the Element of Generosity.


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