This is a scene how Gregorio and Ingrid got captured, the boat chase and under the sea in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Ingrid: Why don't we call them? They'll be getting up for school soon. They should know what we're up to.

Gregorio: Ingrid.

Ingrid: You're right. Oh, our first time out in nearly a decade... and all we can do is think about the children.

Grandengo: You should see OSS escort, Agent-- [Scrambled transmission]

Gregorio: Repeat the rendezvous point.

(TV Static)

Floop: Believe in yourself.

Ingrid: Picking up a--a TV satellite?

Floop: And you, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez. I believe you have something that I want.

Ingrid: No. I know who that is. That's-- We've got a follower.

Gregorio: Not for long. Watch this. (car increases speed but then they see something ahead) What's that? (a big ship comes up) They got us. They got--

(blinding light shines in their faces)

Both: Uhh !

(screen goes black)

At Carmen and Juni's house.

Thomas: What could've happened to Twilight?

Shining Armor: If we don't find out what happened to Twily, I'll never forgive myself.

Juni: And this is what Carmen would look like as a Fooglie.

(Alarm and siren sounds)

Uncle Felix: Oh, my God!

Percy: What's that?

Juni: Is this a fire drill?

Mucker: A carbon monoxide warning?

Uray: Meteor Shower alarm?

Mako: An atomic bomb?

Twi's friends and Cadance: Atomic bomb?

Felix: (opens cabinet and pull out two packs) Put these on quickly. We don't have any time to-- [Alarm stops]

Henry: It stopped.

Felix: Follow me. Follow me. Come on ! Come on ! Follow me! There's a lot for you to know and very little time to explain.

Carmen: Uncle Felix!

Felix: The first of which is, I'm not your uncle.

Rainbow: Okay, "Felix", what he hay is goin' on?!

Felix: Your parents are international spies. Good ones, but they've been mostly inactive... for the last nine years.

Carmen: What are you talking about?

Felix: I was assigned to protect your family... but something's gone wrong. I have to take you to the safe house.

Carmen: My parents can't be spies. They're not cool enough.

(Secret door opens)

Juni: That's cool.

FELIX: According to the coordinates... in my locating device, they're being taken to Asia... or South America. Go in there. I'll be right back.

Applejack: And if ya ain't?

Felix: Hit the blue button to seal the door... and the green button to go.

(Juni opens the door and finds a closet)

Hugs: A closet?! A stinkin' coat closet? That's the secret thing behind the secret passage?!

Juni: Is this a joke?


[Breaking glass]

Juni: (looks pass coats) Cool! Carmen, guys, look! Guys!

[Electronic beeping]

Juni: Whoa!

Mako: (goes in) Hey, this isn't a closet, it's a! It's a... It's a..

Mucker: (hops in) An escape pod!

Felix: You'll have to go to the safe house without me. Go now!

Dusty: Look out!

Felix: Find the OSS! Tell them the Third Brain lives! You must find--

(doors breaks down)

JUNI: Felix, behind you!

CARMEN: What are those things?

JUNI: Get them! Felix! Get them!

[Electronic noises]

Carmen: Press the blue and green buttons.

Spike: We can't leave Felix behind!


Shai-Shay: AAH!! They're coming! Get in! (jumps in the pod thing)

Carmen: Oh, yes, we can. Blue to close, green to go. Quick!

Pinkie: Here's the green button!

Carmen: Blue button first!


(Pinkie hits the button)

James: Pinkie! You dummy!

Carmen: Blue, then green ! You gotta seal the door!

Juni: I can't find the blue!

Sweetie Belle: (looks to the side) Here it is!

Carmen: (Pushes the button) Hang on!

(A fish shaped pod flies out and speeds away, with speedboat in pursuit)

JUNI: What are those things?

Carmen: I don't know, but they're catching up!

Sharky: Not for long!

(Rusty deployes his rocket launcher and starts firing at the boat as Sharky takes out his lewis machine and shoots shooting at the speedboats)

Juni: Where's the gas pedal? (Fiddles with the controls)

Carmen: No! Don't touch anything!

[Electronic sounds]

Computer: Manual overide engaged.

Carmen: You weirdo! You switched it to manual!

Rheanes: Look out!

Scootaloo: Fishing boat dead ahead!

Willy: Hard-to-port! HARD-TO-PORT!!

(Carmen turns the pod hard-a-port)

Fisherman: Whoa!

JUNI: How do you work this thing?

CARMEN: It was programmed to take us to the safe house.

(All scream)

Carmen: (makes pod jump the boat)

[Carmen and Juni scream]

Fisherman: (sees the speedboat heading for and he jumps, as the speed boats drive throught his boat)Aah!

Carmen: Juni? Juni? Juni, what are you doing down there?

Juni: Help me!

Apple Bloom: Island dead ahead!


Carmen: Hang on! I'm coming to get you!

Zip: Oh no. Help! WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!!

Uhh !

[Electronic beeping]

Juni: Uhh! Aah! (his foot bumps the controls)

COMPUTER: Autopilot re-engaged.

(the pods submerges, while the speed boats crash)

Under the Sea

Spike: That was close.

Carmen: Wow! We are definitely gonna be late for school.

Dusty: That.. was... AWESOME!!

Steamy: At least we lost them.

Carmen: Stop shaking.

Juni: I can't.

Carmen: I can't. Stop shaking, or you'll give yourself more warts. We're gonna be fine. Just be cool... and do exactly as I say.

Fluttershy: There's no need to be afraid.

Juni: OK.

[Electronic beeping]

[Computer engages]

COMPUTER: Welcome to the N.I.X. Super Guppy.

[Beeping and whistling]

Tune: So, this is what this pod is; an NIX Super Guppy.

Carmen: Juni, don't touch anything. (Juni's pressing buttons) Juni!

(The front of the pod opens revealing the sea ahead)

Both: Whoa!

Juni: Cool.

Thomas and Percy: Fizzling fireboxes!

Bash: Oh me.

Dash: Oh my!

Ferdinand: That's right.

CMC: Whoa!

Dusty: Whoa!

Stephen: So this is what it's like to be under the sea.

COMPUTER: Destination--safe house. Estimated time for arrival... two hours, thirty minutes.

Willy: Look! Sharks!

Carmen: Juni, close your eyes.

Juni: Why?

Carmen: Just keep them shut, all right?

(shark swims in front but then swims away)

Fluttershy: (squeals)

Willy: (Embraces the timid pegasus) It's okay. (Strokes her mane)

Carmen: OK, you can open your eyes now.

Juni: Thanks.

Carmen: I just don't want you crying all over me.

Juni: We're never gonna see them again, are we?

Rings: Don't worry young Juni, we will find them.

(The super guppy continues, Carmen and Rainbow are now asleep)

Rainbow: [snoring loudly]


COMPUTER: Refreshments ready. [minutes later] Would you care for a lullaby, sir?

(Mako and Pinkie play Chess to pass the time)

Mako: (moves his rook) Check mate.

Pinkie: Aw. That's the 17th time you beat me!

Thomas: (has sad look)

Percy: What's a matter, Thomas?

Thomas: It just Twilight, I hope she's alright.

Shining Armor: Me too.

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