This is how Capturing Arcee goes in The Power Bots.

[Arcee brings out her wrist blades and sneaks up on Starscream and tries to knock him out but the Mane-iac sees her and knocks her down and brings her up as Starscream turns around.]

Starscream: Ah, Arcee. Welcome.

The Mane-iac: You needn't fear. We will not kill you.

Starscream: Take her to the interrogation room.

The Mane-iac: Henchponies!

[Henchponies arrive]

The Mane-iac: Take this bot to the interrogation room.

Starscream: And make sure she is comfortable.

[The Henchponies do so]

[Bumblebee, Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord watch]

Bumblebee: We've got to save her.

Starlight Glimmer: But how?

Trixie: It's not like we can just teleport to their position.

Thorax: Shh. They'll hear you.

Discord: Just come on.

Starscream: [over comm] Jamming transmission.

The Mane-iac: [over comm] Find the five heroes and bring them to us.

Henchponies: Yes, ma'm.

[They race off to find them]

Bumblebee: [leads them to an air vent] Quick! In here!

Starlight Glimmer: Okay. [jumps into the vent]

Trixie: [jumps into the vent]

Thorax: [jumps into the vent]

Discord: [jumps into the vent]

Henchpony: Stop him!

Bumblebee: Try and catch me suckers! [jumps into the vent]

[They land in the bottom of the vent]

Bumblebee: Where are we?

Starlight Glimmer: We're in an air vent silly.




[The air vent is so dark only their eyes and Bumblebee's optics are seen]

Bumblebee: I feel like I've been dipped in ink and let loose in a coal mine.

Starlight Glimmer:




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