Whisper: All right, let's see what this baby can really do. 

Then the Car got destroyed

Inumaro: Now, that's an interesting feature.

Yosemite: Come back, you absconders! Watch yourself, ma'am. (Kissing)I love this rug. Hey, Come back here, you varmints!

They run

Whisper: Run. Move. Go. Nice car. Don't hit me.

Racer: It's a modified Chevrolet with a big 24 on the side. 

Then his car has been taken

Yosemite: Out of the way, fancy boy. I'm a-commandeering this here clown car. After them, boys!

Cowboy: Shotgun! 

Yosemite: Rag-flagging ragtag sidekicks! 

Whisper: Slow down, will you? I'm waddling here. 

Yosemite: Come back, you darn idiot galoots!


Ryder: There's gotta be 314 hotels and 142 casinos in Las Vegas. We are never going to find that butler. 

Then they hit whisper

Chase: Whisper never misses a cue. 

Ryder put him in the car

Marshall: How's it hanging? 

Whisper: on't you start with me. 

Ryder: Excuse me. You!

Keita: You.

Whisper: You!

Chase: Him. 

Nekoniyo: Her.

All: Them! 

Yosemite: Out of my way! Dagnabbit!

Keita: You are in big trouble, Ryder. 

Ryder: Agreed! 

Then ride off and then Whisper is kicking Rocky out

Whisper: Out! Out! Out! Out! 

USApyon: What are you doing, kicking him out? Stop the car. 

Whisper: This is my adventure, dog. 

Rocky: Coming through. 

He hit Whisper

Ryder: What brings you to Las Vegas? You all got fire in Japan?

Ryder: You stole my butler. 

Whisper: Your butler? I belong to the world.

Ryder: You know what? You can have him.

They saw the bad guy holding a Dynamite

Unable: Dynamite? Who has dynamite?

Nekoniyo: Welcome to my world.

Ryder: Hang on. 

They are going to lose them

Yosemite: Throw it out the window. Throw it out! 

Cowboy: But innocent people could be hurt. 

Yosemite: Throw it out the window!

Cowboy: It will send the wrong message to children.

Then the dynamite got exploded and they found our heroes

Komasan:  Didn't he used to be behind us?

They are getting away from them

Yosemite: We're having ghost tonight, boys. 

Zuma: Just a suggestion, but all those in favor of not hitting that wall say "aye."

All: Aye! 

Whisper: Mother. 

Car: Taking you to Mother. 

They it turned into a Rocket Car and Yosemite has sent up to the sky

Skye: Look, a shooting star. Quick, everybody make a wish. 

Whisper: You know, I'm beginning to think that this one is a spy car.

Perry: What?

Car: ETA to Mother, 10 minutes. 

They saw a Plane below them 

Passenger: Please return your seatbacks to their full and upright position.

Inaho: So, what are your plans now, if I may ask? 

Rubble: Whisper will save us. He's the hero. 

Whisper: All right, fat dog. Stick a bone in it.

Ryder:  Everybody calm down, all right? I can handle this. 

Then they are falling to their doom

Whisper: Sell my TV Tokyo stock. I got an inside tip that the Paw Patrol and the ithers is about to die. 

Then the car stop

Everest: Phew. Out of gas. 

Keit: What? It doesn't work like that. 

Then it crash

Trackor: Thanks, kid.

So they set up camp

Jibanyan: Chocobo?

Whisper: No, thanks. 

Keita: You really think that playing card is going to help you rescue your father?

Ryder: Yeah, I do. 

Inaho: You know this all sounds insane, right? I remember the first time I saw your dad in the movies. So breathtaking. Your hair smells nice. 

Keita: You say something? 

Inajo: No, just saying good night. 

Robo-Dog: I'm telling you, Whisper... I heard the Director say you were their best yokai.

Whisper:h Flattered though I may be, they flattened I will not... In order for you to get the laugh. It's all... (He making funny faces) And then...

Bushinyan: You're on fire?

Whisper: Exactly my point

Chase:. No, really, your on fire.

He run away from the fire around him

Marshall: Whisper, you're accident-prone.

Whisper: What am I talking to you for? All you have to do is doing your patrol. And everyone love you.

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