This is a scene how Carmen and Juni's morning exsercise, Shining Armor and Twilight's arguement and ride to school goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Juni: Why do we have to do this every morning? We already have P.E. at school. Uhh.

Carmen: You gonna hand there all day, scaredy cat? Told you not to look down.

Juni: I can't help it. I'm slipping.

Carmen: It's your butterfingers that are slipping.

Juni: Uuh!

Carmen: Hurry up!

Juni: I can.. Uuh!

Carmen: (Kicks Juni)

Juni: Whoa! (falls from the monkey bars in the trampoline and on the floor) uuh.

Carmen: (Swings from the bars and lands on her feet) You just fell a thousand feet. You're a pancake.

Juni: Am not.

Carmen: Are too. Don't trip getting up pancake.

Juni: (Throws dumbell at Carmen but hits a flower pot.)

Carmen: Butterfingers.

Juni: We'll see about that.

Luke: Poor Juni.

Skarloey: Why won't Carmen ever show respect towards him?

Shining Armor: Because she warned him.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, but Juni couldn't help it, he slipped. And that's no excuse for disrespect.

Shining Armor: But she told him not to look down!

Twilight Sparkle: Remember. I told Dusty not to look down.

Dusty Crophopper: That's true. and I conquered my fear of heights.

Shining Armor: Oh yeah! Maybe you're my sister!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh yeah? Well you didn't exactally be much of good brother to me at your wedding!

Shining Armor: Well. Prove it!

Willy: Alright, knock it off! Both of you!

Shining Armor: OK. Fine!

Twilight Sparkle: Fine!

(walks off)

Edward: Poor Twilight.

Henry: Oh me. Oh my.

Gordon: Oh the indignity.

Princess Cadance: Shining, I don't think you shoud've done that.

Shining Armor: But, honey.

Princess Cadance: Honey.

Emily: Now, look, Shining Armor. I know me, James, and Toby turned our backs on Twi too but we should've taken her worry more seriously.

Steamy: Yeah, yer' suppose ta be Twi's BBBFF.

Shining Armor: (feels guilty) Oh dear.


[Fax machine beeps]

[Juni and Carmen arguing]

Ingrid: Donnagon?

Gregorio: Yeah. He's missing.

Ingrid: Is this what you were hiding last night?

Gregorio: I didn't want to worry you.

In the car.

Gregorio: Juni, why do you watch that show?

Juni: Because it's cool. Why?

Gregorio: Because that's all you ever do. Play its video games and watch the tapes. Do you know why, son?

Fegan Floop: So, always remember, whatever you do... believe in yourself. Your dreams will come true... for you and you and you.

Carmen: What's this suppose to be, a self-portrait?

Juni: [As Carmen] "What's this suppose to be, a self-portrait?"

Carmen: Mom, he's mimicking me!

Juni: "Mom, he's mimicking me!"

Ingrid: Carmen, leave your brother alone. Juni, stop talking like your sister.

Carmen: Stop it.

Juni: "Stop it."

(outside with the team, behind the Cortezes)

Pinkie Pie: What's the matter, Shining Armor?

Shining Armor: Nothing, I'm just thinking about my wedding and how I treated my little sis.

Stephen: Well, Shining Armor.

Willy: Look. It's alright now.

Thomas: Listen, Shining Armor. What's done is done. And now we should look to the future.

Fluttershy: He is right.

Applejack: We should look to the future.

Shining Armor: Thanks, Thomas.

Gregorio: Look at this. It's hideous.

Ingrid: Well, talk to him.

Juni: It's a Flooglie idea. I designed it myself.

Fegan Floop: Today we're very excited, because today... we have a new character! We found him snooping around the castle last night. I want you all to meet Donnamight.

Juni: Dad, when Floop makes a toy out of that one... I want it!

Ingrid: Honey!

Gregorio: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Juni. Juni. Hey. Anybody gives you a hard time in there... remember, you are a Cortez.

Juni: What's so special about being a Cortez?

Gregorio: Lots of things.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, Thomas.

Thomas: Listen, Twilight. You're a special unicorn.

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks, Thomas.

Mean kid: Hey, it's the mummy. Nice-looking bandages, mummy.

JUNI: Just stop it, man.

Mean kid: When I'm talking to you, you listen.

Pinkie: Hey! That meany-mean pants is pickin' on Juni!

Gregorio: Ay yi... yi... yi.

Mean kid: Nice dolls. Here, let me see the dolls.

Man: Have a good day, son. Show them who's boss. Can I help you with something, macho?



Kids: Yay!!!

Man: I said, "Can I help you with something, chief?"

[School bell rings]

Man: I didn't think so.

Mean kid: My dad was gonna beat up your dad.

Ingrid: No more secrets. Deal?

Gregorio: Soon. Definitely soon.

Carmen: I even have to share a room with him... because he's so afraid of being alone. "Watch out for Juni, Take care of Juni. "Show Juni right from wrong." I shouldn't be responsible for anybody but me.

GIRL: You're so right, Carmen.

Juni: What's so special about being a Cortez? I wish I could go away to your world, Floop. You'd be my friend.