Here is how the female Carnotaurus begins her rampage in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

Meanwhile, the Carnotaurus begins searching for her baby, Starting with the backyard with a swimming pool.

Female Carnotaurus: (drinking the swimming pool)

Boy: Mom! Dad! There's a dinosaur in our backyard!

Mother: What's gotten into that boy?

Father: Maybe it's in his dreams.

Mother: And he left the light to the fish tank on. (turns the light off)

Boy: Look!

The kid's parents are looking out the window, the Carnotaurus stopped drinking.

Boy: (taking pictures)

The flash of the camera got into the Carnotaurus' eyes.

Female Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!


Meanwhile, the foals arrives the construction site of Radcliffe's zoo.

Princess Yuna: There it is.

Armor Bride: And there's the baby Carnotaurus

Princess Skyla: (carrying the baby Carnotaurus into Slushious)

Snowdrop: How do we find the adult?

Princess Yuna: Follow the screams. Let's go, Jubilee.

Jubilee and Oh drove Slushious.

In the city.

Female Carnotaurus: (searching for her baby)

Bus Driver: Incoming!

Female Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!

The bus crashes into the traffic pole. The foals and their close friends arrives and found the mother Carnotaurus.

Nyx: There she is!

Princess Jubilee: (drives closely) It won't come to us unless the infant can make a sound.

Baby Carnotaurus: (about to wake up)

The female Carnotaurus sees her baby.

Princess Yuna: She knows.

Princess Twila: (to the baby Carnotaurus) Come on! Wake up!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Calm down, Twila!

Princess Jubilee: (shifts into reverse and then floors it as the Carnotaurus chases them)

Princess Yuna: We're almost at the docks!

Female Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!

Then at the harbor, several police men and animal control men arrive.

Female Carnotaurus: ROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Carnotaurus: (calls it's mother)

Snowdrop: Don't worry, Little guy! We'll get you home soon!

Princess Yuna: We made it!

The hover car stopped, Yuna and her friends reach the harbor. Jubilee stops Slushious and place the infant into the boat.

Armor Bride: I've got the infant into the boat!

Oh: Where's the mother Carnotaurus? Is it still behind us?!

The female Carnotaurus bust in and found the boat.

Princess Yuna: Hide!

The foals hide from the mother Carnotaurus.

Radcliffe: What have you done with it?! I want that infant! (hears a infant calling it's mother) Huh?! Wha?!

Radcliffe found the infant.

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