250px-Carrie Griffin

Carrie Beff the lead guitarist for The Newmans

Carrie Beff is a thirteen year old girl. She is a singer and a guitarist and the leader of her own band known as The Newmans. She is very dedicated to her band and she is determined to make her band become world famous. The only thing standing in the way of this is her rival band Grojband which is lead by her worst enemy and gender opposite doppelganger Corey Riffin. He and his band always outrank her band as one-step ahead rivals. Carrie and her band will constantly get into not only band battles, but also burn battles with Grojband in attempt to finally take their band down and reach to the top. Unfortunately for her, they always fail at this. This doesn't stop her from trying to accomplish her dreams. Carrie is not alone when it comes to her dreams. She has the help of not only her bandmates, but also her sister Mina. Her relationships with her bandmates are similar to the relationships that Corey has with his bandmates. Lenny has a secret crush on her but he is too afraid to admit it. He is also aways trying to stop her from putting her bad ideas into action because of all the reasons they might fail but she never listens to him and sure enough, her plans end up failing just as he said they would.

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