Cars 2 (remake) is a remake of Cars 2.


Lightning McQueen was mistaken for the American spy Holley was meant to meet up with and not Mater.


Prologue: Leland's Distress Call

The film starts with a red car named Leland Turbo. He says that he has a message for Finn McMissile. He tells Finn that his cover's been compromised. Suddenly two cars appeared from the shadows. This causes Leland to cut the message short as the opening titles play.

Finn McMissile's mission

Finn McMissile makes his way to Leland's location on a boat named Crabby in the Pacific Ocean. Crabby questions why they are there and Finn replies that he is looking for a car. Crabby says there is no one here but them. However, a large boat came and told Crabby to go. Crabby isn't buying it at first, but Tony holds a missile launch sequence, and Crabby obeys. As he leaves, Crabby finds that Finn has vanished. It reveals that Finn stowed away on Tony. He looks to his right and sees flames flickering in the distance. It was an oil rig. Tony reaches the one Finn got the message from and Finn uses his grappling hook to swing onto it and used magnetic tires to climb up. Several oil rigs' lights are turned on as the boats rise up. Finn sneaks behind some crates, and calls Leland Turbo, but he doesn't respond. While watching some cars on the platform below, Finn tries again but Leland still doesn't answer. Then a light blue car comes out, with a one glassware on his eye. Finn identifies the car as Professor Zundapp. A forklift and a Sadam approach Professor Z with a box. It is revealed to be a camera. The Sadam questions what it actually does. The professor tells him that it is extremely dangerous as Finn took pictures of it. Finn puts himself on harpoons to get a better view. And took more pictures. As he does, two henchcars, Grem the Gremlin and Acer the Pacer, came in told Professor Z about those British spies. They reveal Leland Turbo, now a cube of crushed metal. Finn gasp as fire blowed up exposing him. Professor Z orders the lemons to kill Finn, as Finn tries to escape he was blocked. He then cut three of his lines and swung onto a crane's arm. He drives up it like a ramp and drives with the lemons chasing him. The chase leads to Finn having to escape via water. He used water skis to to escape. He is then chased by Tony, Grem, Acer and another warship. Finn keeps going faster as Tony, his fellow warship, Grem and Acer shoot at him. When Tony launches a missile at him, it gets a direct hit.



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