This is a script for Cartoon All-Stars Attack of the ToyBots.

(The film begins at a game show)

Game Show Host: Welcome back. Inside this sound-proof Diary Closet, Dr Pretorius, will reveal to us how he intends to use tonight's three main ingredients for his plan.

Dr Pretorius: Two. Two. Is this thing on? So, as you know, I know what would happen if Supers gains Equestrian magic through their bodies. They create a magical super gas, who would've​ guessed, just perfect for my advanced army of evil toys! (Evil Laugh) I powered them with Energon and my army will create robotic duplicates​ of the goodie two-shoe heroes. My robots are hunting each hero down so that they can scan them to create a master model. Then we send them back home none the wiser. (evil laugh)

Game Show Host: Equestrian magic, Supers and Energon. Wow. How about that, folks? Will the new contestant's​ plan works? Will he ever had a real human body? Will he become tonight's Biggest Genius?

Dr Pretorius: I'm sure it will l, sir. Soon I'll have that title and when I do, I will make myself the greatest genius the world has ever known. (Laughs evilly)

(Then, he returned to the sound-proof Dairy Closet)

(Then, all of the theme songs started to play as the title "Cartoon All-Stars Attack of the ToyBots" comes up to the screne)

(In Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are taking some Equestrian magic to a toy factory)

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, girls. We've got to look our best if we wanted to impress the workers.

(Then, the factory door open and a worker robot comes to the door)

Twilight Sparkle: Here's the Equestrian Magic, all ready for you. Waiting for the unloading of you guys and I was wondering what you're​ up to with all of that magic. You gonna use them for a real magic show?

(The worker robot sucks up the Equestrian magic as if it's sucking up the dirt)

Twilight Sparkle: Hey! What are you doing!?

Pinkie Pie: Twilight uses the Equestrian magic to save Equestria from bad guys using her against Nightmare Moon.

Rainbow Dash: If you wanna be a master of this magic, you have to--

(She is interrupted when she and the others as sucked into the tube)

Twilight Sparkle: Girls! No! I've got to get inside there and save my friends. But, how? How?

Robot: That is a good idea to save your​ friends. I can help you.

(The robot throws down a few robot parts)

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks, sir. Now if only I can make a disguise.

(She created a robot disguise and went to the door)

Robot: Okay, you are ready. Now, come in.

(She went inside the factory)

(She was sliding down the slide)

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, this just like surfing at the waters of the beach. Except, without any soft sand to land on. Girls, where are you?

(Mane 5 mumbles)

Twilight Sparkle: There you are. (she tries to open the pack)

Rainbow Dash: