Cartoon All Stars: Curse of Duel Island is a new movie made by Connor Lacey.


When there's something strange that is going on at Duel Island Connor Lacey and his class with the help of the Cartoon All-Stars are going to solve the mystery before the ghouls rule the world.


When Connor's teacher Ms Boulger have told her class that they're going to Duel Island for a tournament all expenses paid they head to the airport. Little did they know that they were witnessed by Supergirl, who emerges from a DC Super Hero Girls wiki with the other Supers​ and alerts the other cartoon characters in the internet (Fred Jones,Daphne Blake,Velma Dinkley,Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-doo from the Scooby-Doo! Wiki, Ash Ketchum and his friends from the Pokémon Wiki,the Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force and Wild Force Rangers from the Rangers Wiki, Kai,Jay,Cole,Zane,Nya,Lloyd and Sensei Wu from the LEGO Wiki, the Digidestineds and their Digimon from the Digimon Wiki, and Lilo,Stitch,Captain Jake,Izzy,Cubby and Skully from the Disney Wiki).

The cartoon characters track down Connor and his class discover that their at the airport. Meanwhile, Connor and his class went to the plane. The cartoon characters quickly realize that something must be done about the Island's curse and they set off. When Connor Lacey and Pals have made it to Duel Island they noticed that strange things are happening here. Then the gang meet Mondavarious, who claims the visiting tourists have been cursed into a brainwashed state. Rachel attends a ritualistic performance hosted by N’Goo Tuana and his henchman, Zarkos, a famous luchador. N’Goo claims the island was once ruled by ancient demons til Mondavarious built the resort, and they plot their revenge.

Due to a misunderstanding when talking to a local voodoo priest Connor Lacey has been saved from the ancient ghoul by the Lyoko Warriors from Code Lyoko and they told him about a special card that wins any duel. Then Connor, Ms Boulger, Jenny, Trish, Stephen and David venture into the resort’s ghost ride, meeting Sean and Rachel inside, where they split up to look for clues. Rachel and Stephen come across a strange school designed to educate inhuman creatures about human culture, while Trish discovers a pyramid-shaped artefact called the Daemon Ritus. And then she's been rescued by Gwen,Trent,Owen,Izzy,Lindsay,Tyler,Beth,Geoff,Bridgette,DJ,Duncan,Courtney,Leshawna,Harold,Noah,Cody,Sierra,Zoey,Mike,Cameron,Sam,Dakota,Dawn,Brick,Anne Maria,Shawn,Jasmine,Sky,Ella,Samey,Topher,Leonard,Rodney,Emma,Kitty,Carrie,Devin,Brody,MacArthur,Sanders,Chef Hatchet and Chris McLane from the Total Drama franchise and they help Connor to retrieve the first piece of the card. Then after she's being saved the gang flee to the hotel, but an army of demons and the cartoon all-stars villains attack, kidnapping Ms Boulger, Trish, Jenny and Mondavarious and other tourists, while Connor, Stephen, Rachel, Sean, and David escape with the help of the Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja, Dino, S.P.D., Mystic, Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, Samurai, Mega, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel Rangers and they give him a second piece of the special card.

The next day, Stephen and Sean are captured by Zarkos, while Connor and David learn the tourists are possessed by the demons. They run into Rachel, but David realises she is possessed too. Connor and David must find a way to save her and ​the rest of the tourists then they found the third piece of the special card. And then David falls down a hole into an underground chamber, where Connor went down and met Twilight Sparkle and her friends from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. And finds a vat of protoplasmic soul of everyone captured. Connor frees Rachel, Stephen, Sean, Ms Boulger, Trish and Jenny’s souls. Rachel, Ms Boulger, Trish and Jenny discovers the demons can be destroyed by sunlight, but Sean and Stephen become trapped in the wrong bodies until the Daemon Ritus corrects it. The gang come across the voodoo priest, who explains the demons’ ritual will allow them to rule the world for the next ten-thousand years when a pure soul is offered as a sacrifice, namely David. Mondavarious is revealed to be the leader of the demons and with the help of the Wild Kratts gang from the Wild Kratts TV Series Connor has the fourth​ of the special card.

The gang plot a trap to defeat the demon cult, but it fails, and Mondavarious sucks out David's soul using the Daemon Ritus. Connor duels Mondavarious, then a boulder smash Mondavarious revealing he is a robot, piloted by Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder. Using the absorbed souls of the tourists, Ch'rell transforms into Oroku Saki and tries to destroy the gang.

Rachel battles Zarkos, kicking him into the ritual chamber where the demons are exposed to sunlight and die. Connor with the help of his deck rips the Daemon Ritus from Ch'rell’s body, freeing the souls. The real Mondavarious emerges from a prison cell, claiming Ch'rell replaced him two years ago for his plan. Ch'rell, N’Goo, and Zarkos are arrested, while the reunited class are asked to solve another mystery.

In a post credits scene, David and Connor are eating in the Spooky Island Restaurant, and start eating jars of Hot Peppers. After chugging them down, steam starts coming out of their ears as the credits roll.


  • Ch'rell will make a special guest star in this film.
  • This film is based on Scooby-doo! The Movie and Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.


Main Cast:

  1. Connor Lacey (18 year-old student)
  2. David Brennan (17 year-old student)
  3. Rachel Maher (18 year-old student)
  4. Stephen Butler (18 year-old student)
  5. Sean Allen (18 year-old student)
  6. Jenny (School of the Holy Spirit SNA)
  7. Trish (School of the Holy Spirit SNA)
  8. Mrs Boulger (School of the Holy Spirit Teacher)

Cartoon All Stars

Cartoon Veterans:

  1. DC Super Hero Girls: Supergirl,Batgirl,Wonder Woman,Poison Ivy,Katana,Bumblebee,Harley Quinn,Beast Boy,Hal Jordan,Cyborg,the Flash,Starfire,Frost,Hawkgirl,Miss Martian,Catwoman,Lady Shiva,Big Barda,Cheetah​ and Star Sapphire
  2. Scooby-Doo!: Fred Jones,Daphne Blake,Velma Dinkley,Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-doo
  3. Pokémon: Ash Ketchum,Pikachu,Misty,Togepi,Brock,Tracey,May,Max,Dawn,Piplup,Iris,Axew,Cilan,Serena,Bonnie,Clemont,Hau,Lillie and Gladion
  4. LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Kai,Jay,Cole,Zane,Lloyd,Nya and Sensei Wu
  5. Digimon: Tai,Agumon,Sora,Biyomon,Matt,Gabumon,Izzy (Digimon),Tentomon,Joe,Gomamon,Mimi,Palmon,T.K.,Patamon,Kari,Gatomon,Davis,Veemon,Ken,Wormmon,Yolei,Hawkmon,Cody (Digimon),Armadillomon,Takato,Guilmon,Henry,Terriermon,Rika,Renamon,Takuya Kanbara,Koji Minamoto,J.P. Shibayama,Tommy Himi,Zoe Orimoto,Marcus,Agumon,Thomas,Gaomon,Yoshi,Lalamon,Keenan,Falcomon,Mikey Kudo,Angie Hinomoto,Jeremy Tsurgi,Shoutmon (Fusion),Ballistamon (Fusion),Dorulumon (Fusion),Starmons (Fusion),Cutemon (Fusion),Beelzemon (Fusion),Nene Amano,Sparrowmon (Fusion),Monitamons (Fusion),Ewan Amano,Spadamom,Mervamon,Knightmon,Christopher Aonuma,Greymon (Fusion),MailBirdramon (Fusion),Deckerdramon,Cyberdramon (Fusion) and Dracomon
  6. Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Lilo and Stitch
  7. Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates/Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Captain Jake,Izzy,Cubby and Skully
  8. Code Lyoko: Jeremy,Odd,Ulrich,Aelita and Yumi
  9. Total Drama: Gwen,Trent,Owen,Izzy,Lindsay,Tyler,Beth,Geoff,Bridgette,DJ,Duncan,Courtney,Justin,Leshawna,Harold,Noah,Cody,Sierra,Zoey,Mike,Cameron,Sam,Jo,Dakota,Dawn,Brick,Anne Maria,Shawn,Jasmine,Sky,Ella,Samey,Topher,Leonard,Rodney,Emma,Kitty,Carrie,Devin,Brody,MacArthur,Sanders,Chef Hatchet and Chris McLane
  10. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Twilight Sparkle,Spike,Applejack,Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie,Rarity,Rainbow Dash,Starlight Glimmer,Trixie,Discord,King Thorax and Sunset Shimmer
  11. W.I.T.C.H: Will,Irma,Taranee,Cornelia and Hay Lin
  12. Wild Kratts: Chris Kratt,Martin Kratt,Aviva,Koki and Jimmy Z
  13. Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015: Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Fixit, Drift, Jetstorm, Slipstream, Windblade, Jazz, Optimus Prime

Live Actors:

  1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Tommy Oliver,Zack Taylor,Trini Kwan,Jason Lee Scott,Kimberly Ann Hart and Billy Cranston
  2. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers: Aurico,Delphine,Cestro,Tideus,Corcus and Ninjor
  3. Power Rangers Zeo: Tommy Oliver,Adam Park,Rocky DeSantos,Tanya Sloan,Kat Hillard and Trey of Triforia
  4. Power Rangers Turbo: T.J. Johnson,Justin Stewart,Ashley Hammond,Cassie Chan,Carlos Vallerte,the Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger
  5. Power Rangers In Space: Andros,T.J. Johnson,Ashley Hammond,Cassie Chan,Carlos Vallerte and Zhane
  6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Leo Corbett,Kai Chen,Damon Henderson,Maya,Kendrix Morgan,Karone and Mike Corbett
  7. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Carter Grayson,Chad Lee,Joel Rawlings,Kelsey Winslow,Dana Mitchell and Ryan Mitchell
  8. Power Rangers Time Force: Wes Collins,Jen Scotts,Trip Regis,Katie Walker,Lucas Kendall and Eric Myers
  9. Power Rangers Wild Force: Cole Evans,Taylor Earhardt,Max Cooper,Alyssa Enrilé,Danny Delgado and Merrick Baliton
  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Shane Carter,Tori Hanson,Dustin Brooks,Hunter Bradley,Blake Bradley,Cam Watanabe
  11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Conner McKnight,Ethan James,Kira Ford,Dr Tommy Oliver and Trent Fernandez Mercer
  12. Power Rangers S.P.D.: Jack Landors,Sky Tate,Bridge Carson,Z Delgado,Syd Drew,Anubis Cruger,Sam,Dr Kat Manx and Nova
  13. Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick Russell,Vida Rocca,Chip Thorn,Xander Bly,Madison Rocca,Daggeron,Udonna and Leanbow
  14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Mack Hartford,Dax Lo,Will Aston,Ronny Robinson,Rose Ortiz,Tyzonn and the Sentinel Knight
  15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Casey Rhodes,Theo Martin,Lily Chilman,R.J. James,Dominic Hargan,Master Swoop,Master Fin,Master Phant,Jarrod,Camille
  16. Power Rangers RPM: Scott,Flynn,Summer,Ziggy,Dillon,Gem and Gemma
  17. Power Rangers Samurai: Jayden Shiba,Mia Watanabe,Mike Fernandez,Kevin Douglas,Emily Stewart,Antonio Garcia and Lauren Shiba
  18. Power Rangers Megaforce: Troy Burrows,Gia Moran,Noah Carver,Emma Goodall,Jake Holling,Orion and Robo Knight
  19. Power Rangers Dino Charge: Tyler Navarro,Chase Randall,Shelby Watkins,Koda,Riley Griffin,Sir Ivan of Zandar,Prince Phillip III,James Navarro,Kendall Morgan and Zenowing
  20. Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Brody Romero,Calvin Maxwell,Hayley Foster,Preston Tien,Sarah Thompson and Levi Weston


  1. Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder
  2. N'Goo
  3. Zarkos
  4. Duel Ghouls

Guest Villains

  1. DC Super Hero Girls: Granny Goodness,the Female Furies,Dark Opal,Eclipso and Lena Luthor
  2. Scooby-Doo: Dr Phibes,Mr E,Brad Chiles,Judy Reeves and Professor Pericles
  3. Pokémon: Team Rocket (Jessie,James and Meowth)
  4. Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Samukai,Pythor,General Kozu,General Cryptor,Master Chen,Nadakhan,Sensei Yang and the Time Twins
  5. Digimon: Myotismon,the Dark Masters,D-Reaper,Lucemon,Kurata and Axeknightmon​
  6. Disney's Lilo and Stitch: Dr Jacques Von Hamsterviel and Leroy
  7. Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates/Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates: The Grim Buccaneer,ShiverJack,Dr Undergear and Captain Hook
  8. Code Lyoko: XANA
  9. Total Drama: Heather,Alejandro,Scott,Lightning,Mal,Scarlett,Max,Amy,Sugar,Dave,Josee and Jacques
  10. Power Rangers: Rita Repulsa,Lord Zedd,Goldar,Rito Repulso,Master Vile,the Machine Empire,Divatox,Astronema,Ecliptor,Dark Spector,Trakeena,Vypra,Prince Olympius,Queen Banshera,Frax,Gluto,Master Org,Retinax,Nayzor,Mandilok,Lothor,Mesegog,Emperor Grum,Morticon,Imperious,Octomus the Master,Magma,Oculous,Serpentina,Megahorn,Hekatoid,Gekkor,Flurious,Moltor,Kamdor,Miratrix,Mig,Benglo,Thrax,Dai Shi,Venjix,Master Xandred,Admiral Malkor,Vrak,Creepox,Bigs,Bluefur,Metal Alice,the Messenger,Prince Vekar,Damaras,Argus,Levira,Emperor Mavro,Sledge,Poisandra,Fury,Curio,Wrench,Snide,Lord Arcanon,Doomwing,Singe,Cosmos Royale,Galvanax and Madame Odius
  11. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Nightmare Moon,Queen Chrysalis,King Sombra​,Tirek,the Dazzlings,Principal Cinch,Midnight Sparkle and Gaia Everfree
  12. W.I.T.C.H.: Lord Phobos and Prince Cedric
  13. Wild Kratts: Zach Varmitech,Donita,Dabio,Gourmand,Paisley Paver and Rex


  1. Get your Cape on
  2. Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? Theme
  3. Pokémon Theme (First Generation to Seventh Generation)
  4. Digimon (First Generation to Fith Generation)
  5. Weekend Whip (Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu theme)
  6. Power Rangers theme (Season 1 to Season 24)
  7. Lilo and Stitch theme
  8. Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme
  9. Code Lyoko theme
  10. I Wanna Be Famous (Total Drama theme)
  11. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic theme
  12. Wild Kratts theme
  13. Blue Ribbon Duelist - Connor Lacey,Jenny,Trish and Rachel Maher
  14. No More Mr Nice Guy - Ch'rell and robot suit of Emile Mondavarious
  15. It's A B-Movie Show - the villain all stars,Connor Lacey, Rachel Maher,Sean Allen,Stephen Butler and David Brennan
  16. Wonderful Ways to Say No - the Cartoon Veterans
  17. Don't Make Us Laugh - the villain all stars
  18. Shiney - the villain all stars
  19. Sweet Tooth Stomp - the villain all stars and Sweet Tooth
  20. The Doctor Will See You Now - Dr Strangeglove and the villain all stars
  21. Ch'rell is Gonna Get Ya - the possessed tourists and villain all stars
  22. Wonderful Ways to Say No (Reprise) - the Cartoon Veterans


Cartoon All Stars: Curse of Duel Island/Transcript

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