Flashback has started

Master of Master: What's written in the last page of the book is gonna happen. The entire world will be lost in darkness.

Ava: But Master, isn't there anyway we can do?

Master of Master: Well, that's what brings me to your role. You might just be the only hopemof keeping the light from expiring.

Ava: Hope? Master, what is it that you need to me to do?

Master of Master: Don't get involved in any battles, forget the notion of Unions. Find Keyblade, Digimon, Digidestined and Warrior Wielders with potential, and create an entirely separate Organization. Then, like the seed of a Dandelion, let them fly to another world. They will keep the light alive. 

Ava: You really think that... I'm the right person for this? 

Master of Master: Ava, you're the only person for this. Oh, and even though for Laval, Happy, Shu, Vivi, Lann and even their friend's. They were from the Future 100 Years.

Ava: What? You mean...

Master of Master: Yes, they are not from Daybreak Town. I found them lying Unconscious. I want you to keep them safe from the Battle, once they became Masters and Warriors, you will have to let them go back to the timeline where they belong, and a safe place for them. Make sure you training them to be Stronger and awake their new Powers.

Ava: I understand.

Flashback has ended

Ava: Today you're here to continue with your training for our mission. This session may seem like it's familiar to you, but in a world that is different, one made of dreams... You are our hope. A war will soon wage. Those who strive protect the light will turn their weapons on their allies, for the sake of loyalty to their own unions. To be honest, I don't know how far I can guide all of you. What you just remember is that anyone can lose themselves to the darkness. However, there will be no winners; everything will be lost. Except, all of you who are the seed of hope. When the time comes, and there is war. You mustn't fight, but instead you must fly away from here to the world outside. This training is to help you fulfill this crucial task. The future is in all your hands-- as is the world's light? May your heart be your guiding key.

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