Master of Master: So that makes you the indisposable number seven.

Luxu: Huh.

Master of Master: Come on! It's simple! You six plus me is seven. (Gasp) Wait. Don't tell me I don't count!

Luxu: No... Uh, um...

He summon a keyblade

Master of Master: Here, take it.

He give it to him

Chirithy: In the Master's playful and mischievous way, he gave his apprentice Luxu a very important role. What's seemed like a simple task was the element that would connect all of the events to come. Long, long ago, all the world's were still one. One day, this would be called the age of fairy tales. It all began here in Daybreak Town. The Master of Master had an eye that gazes into the future. He bestowed upon five of his apprentices, a copy of the book of Prophecies, in which was written the events to come.

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