Casey Jr. Gets Frightened is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


After hearing Yuna, Dusty and Nyx's ghost story, Casey Jr. gets scared thinking about it.

Working in Fantasyland/Freight Cars in the ravine

After Tracy helps Ivor to the water tower with his train, Ivor's Freight Cars break away and fall into a ravine.

Yuna, Dusty and Nyx's Ghost Story/Planning to trick Casey Jr.

When Sir Topham Hatt was cross with Ivor, Casey Jr. felt sorry for his friend. Yuna, Dusty and Nyx tells Casey Jr., Tillie and Pufle a ghost story about a small engine was crossing an old metal bridge and fell in the ravine below. After the story, Casey Jr. didn't believe in ghosts. Later, Yuna, Dusty and Nyx decided to play a tick on Casey Jr..

The next day/Nyx telling Casey Jr.

The next morning, Yuna, Dusty and Nyx told London and Emery about the plan. Later, They carry on their plan to scare Casey Jr..

On the old metal bridge

That Night, Casey Jr. saw flickering lights and a light shapped like a an engine ghost what turned out to be Fireflies. Then, Nyx threw a huge rock from the cab and into the ravine below.

At the sheds

At the sheds, Casey Jr. feel asleep after being scared of the ghost. The next day, Duncan told Casey Jr. about he saw flickering lights too.


  • This episode is based on Thomas and Friends episode, Duncan Gets Spooked.


  1. Grim Grinning Ghosts (House of Mouse version) -

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