Catboy (aka Connor) is one of the protagonists of the Disney Junior show "PJ Masks". He is the leader of the PJ Masks team and hates getting wet but not as much as he hates letting his two teammates, Owlette and Gekko, down. 


Catboy is one of the PJ Masks who is super-speedy and is quite good at hearing far away things. He and the other PJ Masks meet up with Ryan and the gang when they think that they have been captured by Night Ninja.


When he is Connor, he wears red and white sneakers and a dark blue jacket. When he is Catboy, he wears a full jumpsuit with a hood representing the head of a cat. The suit also has lightning bolts on the head, torso, arms, upper and lower legs, feet and tail.

As Ghost Catboy, his suit becomes black and white with green highlights.

Powers and Abilities

As Catboy

  • Super Cat Speed: With this power, Catboy is able to run really fast
  • Cat Ears: Catboy is able to hear anything thousands of miles from where he is, especially if it's a villain's evil laugh.
  • Super Cat Jump: With this power, Catboy is able to jump super high.
  • Super Cat Leap: With this power, Catboy can leap to far distances.

As Ghost Catboy

  • Super Ghost Cat Speed: Can sprint past a ghost without being seen.
  • Ghost Cat Ears: Can hear a ghost from a far distance.
  • Super Ghost Cat Jump: Can jump really high to avoid a ghost attack or to grab one.
  • Super Ghost Cat Leap: Can leap really far to catch up with a fleeing ghost.



  • It's time to be a hero!
  • Ryan? You got that outfit like mine.