Gumdramon: What are you doing? Come on, Goombario. Let's go back.

Whisper: You know, you're friends will be worry about you, whis.

Shoutmon: Perry, stop fooling around. It's no time to play games.

They left and then

Psychemon: But Shoutmon, I though you want to play game? Or are you too cool to play, since you're now the Digimon Warrior.

Shoutmon: Psychemon? What are you doing here?

Psychemon: Just about to play Goombario.

Shoutmon: Alright, but... Where Dracmon and Opposummon?

Psychemon: We got Sperated.

Gumdramon:What about our Partners. Did you find them?

Psychemon: Maybe. But if you catch us, I'll tell you what I know.

Shoutmon: Are you kidding me!

He ran off with Goombario

Myotismon: Why do you still care about those boys? They have all but deserted you for the power and their new friends after all.

Psychemon: I didn't care about them. I was just messing with them a little.

Myotismon: Well... I guess you're right. Beware the darkness in your heart. The Heartless prey upon it.

He left to the Portal

Psychemon: Mind you own Business!

Then our Heroes have arrived

Shoutmon: Psychemon! What's happening to you?? What are you doing?? Do you now what you done?

Psychemon: Strange? I was going to say something to you, Shoutmon. You seem interested in saving the World's and showing off those Powers these days. Do you ever want to save You're partner?

Shoutmon: I am.

Then they heard a noise, they saw Goombario trapped inside a Box from the Heartless

Psychemon: Ready to fight?

Shoutmon: Yep. Let's do this together!

They are fighting it and they defeated it and then Goombario has been sent down and Psychemon is going after him

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