An Alicorn or winged unicorn is a fictional horse with wings and the horn of a unicorn. There is no specific name given to such creature, but it is sometimes referred to using a portmanteau of pegasus and unicorn: pegacorn. In some literature and media, it is also referred to as an alicorn, which is a historical word for the horn of a unicorn.[1]

Winged unicorns have made many appearances in art. Ancient Achaemenid Assyrian seals bear depictions of winged unicorns and winged bulls as representations of evil.[2][3]

Irish poet W. B. Yeats wrote of imagining a winged beast that he associated with laughing, ecstatic destruction. The beast took the form of a winged unicorn in his 1907 play The Unicorn from the Stars and later that of the rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem in his poem The Second Coming.[4]

In the continuity of Hasbro's My Little Pony and its related media after 2010 (including its My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic television series), winged unicorns[note 1] play a role as ponies of royal status. Two of them, Celestia and Luna, who are sisters, are also the rulers of Equestria, a major fictional setting in the continuity

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