A Charismatic Villain is a very common type of antagonist that goes further than a master manipulator or orator, further than a liar. They don't only make people believe in their lies, they actually get others to trust them, or even like them.

Usually, these villains first appear to be good or at least sympathic to the main protagonist (and thus to the audience) until their true nature is revealed, such as LotsoEmeraude, Prince Hans, or Raccoon. In some cases, to add suspense, other villains, such as PlanktonChester V, or Mother Gothel, make the audience know that they are obviously lying, but the protagonist doesn't.

They should not be mixed with Sophisticated Villains or Magnificent Bastards who are openly cruel but still have good manners and style. Charismatic Villains are wolves disguised as sheep. They fake friendship, and sometimes love, to get what they want. They are also well known for being capable of rounding up a great deal of followers due to their charisma. Lord Voldemort is a good example of this

They can be very disturbing characters, because they are first perceived as engaging and sympathic, and so the hero (and also the audience) is often shocked to discover they were lying all along. They are such good actors that it is sometime very hard to figure out how they truly feel about people they lie to, whether they are geniunly friendly or not. A villain can also qualify as having charisma if they are admired by their followers or have fans, reguardless of what the protagonists and audience think of them.