A Harbinger for Rebirth is a subcategory of Cataclysm, in which the villain is not content with just destroying the entire world, universe or realm, etc., but to 'revitalize' it, i.e. to have a 'fresh start' beginning at the Creation of the World. They usually believe that humanity (or the current population of the realm, such as the Rats in Flushed Away, whom the Toad wants to Eliminate), as a whole, is beyond redemption and thus deserves nothing but destruction. The motives for rebirth are far and wide, such as to obtain absolute power over the Universe or to remake it in his own image (the Dark One), to doom humanity for all time (as in the case of Sephiran (whose real name was Lehran), or as a twisted hope for redemption (as in the case of Shunack).

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