Not all xenophobes are villains. These characters show that even heroes can have a deep hatred towards a certain race, sex, collective and/or ideology and even be genocidal in that regard. Unlike their villainous counterparts, however, their hatred is more often than not completely justified, usually due to an event in their past that ranges from tragic to outright traumatic. A perfect example is Eren Yeager, who bears a burning desire to kill all Titans after helplessly watching his mother get devoured by one, an event that scarred him for life. Some of these heroes don't let their hatred consume them. Rather, they are willing to make an exception for someone of a race they otherwise despise. Good examples are Issei Hyoudou, who considers Akeno Himejima his friend despite his normal hatred of Fallen Angels, and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, who, while initially distrusting towards Legion quickly starts to consider him a friend, despite her usual resentment for Geth.

Basically, these are heroes who were wronged so badly by a certain group that they've ended up holding a deep hatred for them. Even so, it's pretty difficult to put a Pure of Heart in this category, though exceptions such as Tali do exist.

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